What to Expect from “CSI: Vegas”

CBS has released a first look for CSI: Vegas:

From that, we can see the first case involves people messing with evidence in a chilling way. What if CSIs used their powers for evil, essentially. But there’s bound to be more to it.

Also, while we cannot get a clear shot on Sara’s left hand to see a ring (there’s on spot it’s not in a glove), I would like to note that we don’t see any Grissom in the previews. Everything they showed of Grissom was early season one.

Theories anyone?


Jerry Bruckheimer: We’ve been wanting to bring CSI back for a long time, and why not? It’s one of the most popular shows on television. We’re so thrilled for audiences to take on this new season.
Jason Tracey: We’re going to go deeper and showcase what’s new in criminal forensics. I don’t think we’d be brining the show back if we didn’t have a way to leverage the epic run that the original had, against the characters that we all wanna watch.
William Petersen: I am excited to get back to Grissom again. The way we solved crimes twenty years ago is a lot different from the way they solve crimes now. It’s a different world.
Jorja Fox: The bitch is back [laughter]. Being back on set with CSI is more exciting than I even thought it was going to be. So Sara meets this new dynamic, intriguing, force of criminalists that are on the front lines, fighting crime in Vegas.
Paula Newsome: My character gets to lead these people… they’re all like Michael Jordans in their field. We get to incorporate all that science, that takes us into the truth.
Matt Lauria: At the very end of the first episode, it’s a gigantic cliffhanger.
Fox: With Bruckheimer Television at the helm, the show’s going to be dazzling.
Newsome: The journey of the mystery and wonder … it’s exciting.
Petersen: The whole purpose of what the CSIs did was finding the truth. And I have to say … it’d be nice to know what the truth is. Evidence doesn’t lie.

10 thoughts on “What to Expect from “CSI: Vegas””

  1. I suspect Grissom is not going to be in the first episode. I hope I am wrong but I will settle for Sara initially but I do think they will still be together although not necessarily married as they are officially divorced and maybe do not need to actually get married. I look forward to seeing “the bitch”!

  2. Ok, I’m officially excited here. Didn’t realise they were into filming already. They look so much like.. them. What a blast from the past. Hopefully will be a treat, rather that a nasty trick.
    Wonder if it might be reminiscent of “finale” regarding Grissom, like bringing him back as “special help” or something.. I can’t imagine he’s working full time in the lab. OR maybe like in countless fanfics something has happened to Grissom, with the first episode being the cliffhanger…Billy’s last words are menacing though, right? Maybe he’s turned into a bad guy(lol, I really doubt it and I’m switching it off if so)
    Seriously hope for no GSR rollecoaster though, enough of that already. Also noticed Brass in the promo and can’t quite tell whether it’s old seasons or new footage, as he wasn’t mentioned as returning character.

  3. As a follow-up to my post above, on bleedingcool website there are some promo photos that show Grissom looking pensively at some sort of clear container on the table, so that kills my two theories. Could it be that some CSI from the past going rogue(kind of hope not, as that mars the history) Also very happy to see mostly familiar names listed as exec producers.

      1. Oh ok thanks! I’m not strong on identifying anything much past season 9-sh) I do hope they haven’t made any of the old CSI into bad guys.

      2. It would be entertaining to watch, and I’m sure he’d excel at it it(being evil), but then there’s a question of “why”, and I can’t see any scenarios why Grissom would actually want to be a bad guy.
        At the moment I’m leaning towards “Grissom’s in trouble” storyline, possibly even something that’s linked to old case..? I mean if Brass is there, how bad does a case have to be- he’s retired, hasn’t he. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d done some tieback to an old case, maybe a really old case to treat the hardcore fans.

  4. If Sara has a ring it is a new one, since it was sold in the end of the show and is traveling at least all the US with members of YTDAW.

    When your fav TV show returns, your OTP and your fav character is Back and the 3rd confirmed characteter is your 3rd fav and not many People like him, Hodges. Even with my very bad life i could smile. 😊

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