Where Did that Kiss Scene Go?

We all saw it in the previews and got excited. And then … gone.

Yeah that one.

You didn’t hallucinate. That scene (and the hand holding one) were filmed! Here it is, straight from the Fox’s mouth:

This isn’t the first time this has happened, and not even to Jorja! Us oldies remember the part about how Maggie Doyle (back on ye olde ER days!) was getting a scene where she quit? Anyone remember “File that yourself, bastard”? Right. Never materialized on screen.

Why do these things happen? Generally they’re cut for time. If the episode runs over, then the scene is pulled since it doesn’t really add to the story that much. However, usually those are also pulled from the previews so no one gets their hopes up! Likely what happened here is the network cut the episode for time and forgot. That happens. The editors on this are human, same as you and me.

Now the question of course is… how do we let people know?

First you do it kindly and politely. I saw some folks being downright cruel to the various twitter accounts, and y’all, don’t do that. It’s not okay! Unless you’re talking to someone’s personal account, you’re probably sending all that vitriol over to a poor, lowly paid, social media employee. And yelling at them is as productive as yelling at the coffee bar when the seasonal drink you want is gone.

Instead, tell them directly something like “It’s very disappointing that CBS led us on with the previews of a GSR kiss, but cut the scene.” Or even “I really hate that the kiss scene was cut.”

But please, don’t swear at them. It’s counterproductive and honestly? Mean.

Don’t be mean.

2 thoughts on “Where Did that Kiss Scene Go?”

  1. I am very disappointed and very annoyed with the cut of the kissing scene gsr. We, the fans, got crumbs from gsr and a lot of suffering from this love story. We deserve to be respected!!!!

  2. They could be kind to fans and at least release some deleted scenes. And on a cynical note they must’ve paid premium for the kiss scene, it’s strange to cut it altogether.

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