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Fans of LeFox is a fan site only.  I cannot pass on your emails to Jorja, and you certainly should not be sending me your personal information.  With that in mind, there’s no point to email me and tell me how much you hate the direction of CSI or that PETA are crazy.  I don’t work for them either, and I’m just another person.  I can’t tell you insider secrets to CSI, and if there’s info you want that isn’t posted on the site, there’s a good chance I just don’t know.

If you want to suggest something for the site, report a problem, ask me a question, or just tell me I’m cool, then this form is for you!  You can also use this form to submit information like links to articles or photos I’m missing. Please remember to be descriptive! If your email is one line, I’m likely to delete it because I have no context to understand what you’re thinking.

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