ER was an Emmy Award-winning drama series centering on the medical personnel in the emergency room of a Chicago hospital.

  • 1994-2009
    Medical Drama


Dr. Maggie Doyle arrived from a hospital that had been closed. A wonderful dichotomy, Doyle was a gun-toting, lesbian vegetarian. She was good friends with John Carter, and had enough attitude for everyone.

Doyle slogged through a fairly nasty piece of litigation, when surgeon Dr. Robert ‘Rocket’ Romano blasted her on her evaluation when she threatened to tell about his harassment of her. While Doyle filed the report, the plot fell by the wayside, and Romano became the Chief of Emergency Medicine. According to one news report, Doyle was going to leave the ER with the last line “File that yourself, bastard.”

It never happened, and February 18, 1999 Maggie Doyle made her last appearance on ER. It wasn’t until two years later that it was mentioned Doyle had left the hospital. In 2008, when Abby Lockhart left the ER, we finally see Doyle’s nameplate, saved in the back with all the others who have left the ER. It’s intimated that she hung her own nameplate when she left.

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