The Jerky Boys

The Jerky Boys is about two 30-something losers who make prank phone calls and anger a mob boss.

Lazarro's Young Lady (supporting character)
  • 1994 • Comedy
  • [Credited as Jorjan Fox]

When a former high school classmate brags about his mob connections, the Jerky Boys – a pair of thirty-something slackers who pride themselves on devious prank phone calls – decide to have a little fun in the Mafia underworld. However, when a cop mistakes the Jerky Boys for actual hit men, their innocent game causes more trouble than they would’ve ever imagined.


Jorja Fox plays Lazarro’s Young Lady. Lazarro works for the Mafia, and his Young Lady is basically a hired call girl.

Jorja only has two very brief scenes (a grand total of about three minutes of screen time), and only two words of dialogue.


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