U.S. Campaign for Burma

30 Hollywood celebrities ran a campaign from May 1 through May 30 to seek the release of Myanmar’s democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi and push for freedom in the military-ruled nation.

The 30-day campaign will see stars such as Will Ferrell, Ellen Page, Judd Apatow, Anjelica Huston, Jennifer Aniston and Rosanna Arquette appearing in video clips on the Internet highlighting human rights issues in Myanmar.

Jorja filmed a video with Eric Szmanda which aired on May 11th (day 11). In it, the two CSI stars played a game called ‘forced labor’ using cards with graphic pictures of alleged abuses in Myanmar.

Day 6

Eric Szmanda: Alright, want to play a new game?

Jorja Fox: Yeah, sure.

Eric: Alright, this one’s called forced labor. I’ll be a Burmese soldier. You will be a Burmese civilian. First, I’ll beat and rape your wife. Then, I’ll murder your children. Then, I’ll burn your village to the ground. I’ll make you carry my supplies and ammunition for days, until your feet are raw and bleeding. You will not be fed, and as we walk, you will lead the way, so if we find any landmines, you’ll be the first to discover them. If you get sick and slow, I’ll beat you. And if you try to escape, I’ll kill you.

Jorja: Why do I have to be the Burmese civilian?

Eric: Since the illegal military regime took over? Those are the cards you’ve been dealt.

Jorja: I don’t think I like this game.

Eric: No one does.


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