Velocity Trap

Jorja was born in New York City to French Canadian immigrant parents. When she was three, the family relocated to a small costal town in Florida. Raised on a narrow barrier island, Jorja has a deep affinity for all things oceanic, big skies, and Jimmy Buffet. Jorja began her acting career at the age of five, when she landed the coveted role of the ‘Rooster’ in the children’s classic “Chicken Little.”

By the time she was sixteen, she knew she had to move north to New York City to pursue her dream. Jorja debuted in an independent film called ““The Kill Off”. Adapted from a Jim Thompson novel, the film noire was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. Next, Jorja landed a role in “Summer Stories,” the only after school special mini-series ever produced. It was directed by Jon Rubenstein for ABC. The success of his anniversary production, propelled Jorja towards a successful television career.

Since then, Jorja has acted in two television series. The acclaimed “Missing Persons” and the hit NBC show “E.R.” Her television pilots include work for HBO, CBS, UPN and directors; Amy Heckerling, Tom Fontana, and Barry Levinson. Jorja is also proud to have been on the “Ellen” show’s The Puppy Episode, commonly referred to as the “coming out” show, with notable stars; Oprah Winfrey, Laura Dern, Billy Bob Thorton, and k.d. lang. Jorja has also enjoyed success with independent films and her credits include performances in; “How to Make the Cruelest Month, Hungry Bachelors’ Club, Tiara Tango, and Memento”, with Guy Pierce and Carrie Anne Moss. Jorja jumped at the chance to contribute to “Velocity Trap”. “How could anyone turn down the chance to play a machine gun toting villain?”

Next she will co-star in an experimental film called “Down with the Joneses”. Jorja also writes plays and screenplays. She is the co-founder of Honeypot Productions, an independent avant garde theater company. Honeypot has mounted three plays, two of them written by Fox, and is currently preproduction on the fourth, which Jorja also wrote. “Loving Stanley” is a comedic romp about the women’s bowling circuit. Jorja’s currently shopping an original script screenplay in Los Angelas and is writing her next feature film project.

From doctors to beauty queens, drug addicts to young moms, Jorja works tirelessly at conveying humanness, binding the qualities that make people so unique and so unquestionably united. Jorja loves to travel. She loves dance, music, wild places and adventure of almost any variety.


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