FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, and refers to listed questions and answers, all supposedly frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

Which is to say, here is what people ask the most:

Is this FAQ up to date?

You’re probably trying to ask if the contact information is up to date. Yes, yes it is. That’s the official, public, contact information.

Is this the official Jorja Fox site? Are you Jorja Fox?

No, this is not, nor has it ever claimed to be an official Jorja Fox website. Nor has anyone who works on the site ever been or claimed to be Jorja.

Fans of LeFox (formerly “Jorja Fox: Online”) is NOT an official Jorja Fox website. This site is run by fans for the purpose of sharing information about Jorja Fox’s career. Jorja’s official site is jorjafox.org.

How can I contact Jorja?

Fan mail request-sending by postal mail only:

Studio Fan Mail
1048 Irvine Ave #624
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Can you get me in touch with Jorja?

No, I cannot get you in touch with Jorja. Use the above info to contact her yourself.

Does Jorja have a Social Media account?


If she has anything else, she’s keeping it private. That means anyone you see claiming to be her probably isn’t.

Is Jorja Fox pregnant?

No, Jorja is not pregnant. No, she wasn’t pregnant. No. No. No.

Is Jorja Fox gay? Married? Divorced?

Jorja’s marital status and sexuality is her own business. Until Jorja says “I am .” or “I am dating .”, discussion about her dating life and sexuality is not permitted on this website.

Have you met Jorja?

Yes. And yes, she’s just as cool as you think.

Why wasn’t Jorja in every episode of CSI?

Because she didn’t want to be.

What’s she doing now that CSI is over?

Mostly advocacy work, a couple movies, you know, keeping busy.

What about …

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