About Jorja Fox

Questions here are about Jorja Fox’s personal life and, in broad terms, her career, including how to get in touch with her.

Who is Jorja Fox?

Jorja Fox is an actor, producer, activist and musician.

She is most well known for her TV work, having played the recurring role of Dr. Maggie Doyle on the NBC show ER from 10/10/1996 through 01/21/1999, the guest role of Secret Service Agent Gina Toscano on NBC’s The West Wing from 02/24/2000 through 09/2000, and the regular role of Sara Sidle on CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

She has also been seen in movies and award shows, and is an environmentalist and humanitarian who attends many outreach causes. For her other roles, see her filmography. For more about her background, read her biography.

What’s the deal with her name?

This question arises since Jorja Fox was listed as ‘Jorjan Fox’ in her first few movies, on Missing Persons, and on her first few episodes of ER. After a few episodes, her listing changed to ‘Jorja Fox’. The confusion was compounded by the following rumor “When [Jorja] joined the cast of ER, her name was shortened back to Jorja after a couple episodes, hence the confusion. In an interview she said that one day she woke up and wanted her name back.”

The rumor is arguable, and not verifiable. The truth of the matter is that her birth name is ‘Jorja-An’ and Jorja is a shortening. Jorjan was bastardization of Jorja-An that was done when she was on Missing Persons.

Today, both personally and professionally, she is known as ‘Jorja Fox’.

How old is Jorja?

She was born July 7, 1968.

How do you pronounce her name?

Jorja is pronounced just like the US state or the Eurasian country ‘Georgia.’

Where does Jorja live?

Jorja lives around the Los Angeles area in California.

How do I contact her?

Studio Fan Mail
1048 Irvine Ave #624
Newport Beach, CA 92660

How do I get an autographed picture of her?

Send a letter to the above address. It may take a long time to get a reply though. All her fan mail is checked before it gets to her.

Will you forward my email too her?

I would if I could, but as I can’t, please don’t email personal letters to me. It’s very embarrassing for me to read the reeeeally personal details of total strangers.

What’s her official website?


Does Jorja have a Twitter/Myspace/Facebook account?


Facebook Twitter

What movies and TV shows has she been in?

Jorja Fox most recently starred in the CBS drama CSI. For more information, please check her filmography.

Is Jorja Fox gay, bisexual or straight?

I don’t know, and until Jorja herself states her sexuality, it’s not a topic open for discussion. Please respect her privacy as much as you value your own.

Is Jorja Fox single? Is she dating?

In 2001, Jorja told USA Today she was seeing someone: “Involved, but not married. I’m not allowed to talk about it at all. I’ve been sworn to secrecy – the whole theory that it’s more special. I’m very happy and living under a shroud until further notice.”

However in a 2003 interview with People Magazine, she was reported as being single, and that was why she took her brother to the Emmys that year.

Is Jorja Fox pregnant?

No. Regardless of what you read online elsewhere and hear in rumors, she is not, and has never been, pregnant.

Does Jorja have any children? Does she want any?

Jorja has no children, but she has cats and dogs. I don’t know if she wants any children (though she did mention it when talking about why she left CSI).

Is Jorja Fox a smoker?

Yes and no. She has smoked, and has tried to quit many times. As of February 2010, she still smoked.

Is she a vegetarian?

Jorja Fox became a vegetarian at the age of 19, sometime around her modeling days, and discovered PETA in New York City at about the same time. Jorja told the PETA spokesperson that she took part in a few protests, and enjoyed their “confrontational” attitude. She describes herself as an aspiring vegan.

What political party is Jorja affiliated with?

Emphatically not Republican. She’s done work with Libertarians and Democrats, but most recently she attended the 2008 Democratic National Convention and supported Barak Obama.

Does she wear corrective lenses?

Jorja wore glasses in a Support SAG PSA in 2008, and in bonus material on CSI DVDs, she wore glasses while re-doing lines in a recording studio. It’s likely she just needs reading lenses.

Does she have any tattoos?

Yes. She has a flower on her left ankle (seen in the CSI season five episode 4x4 and in various award show and charity photographs).

A temporary/henna tattoo was spotted on “The Early Show” for April 28, 2006. On that show, she had what looked like a stylized turtle tattoo high up on her right shoulder. This has not been seen since.

Does she have any piercings?

Jorja has pierced ears.

What pets does she have?

She had two cats and a dog (Ali (dog, female, Boxer), Rumplestiltskin (cat), and Sid Poitier (cat, male, formerly named Sid Vicious)), all of whom have passed away of old age. In 2012, she adopted a new dog: Bexar County Rodeo Princess.

What kind of music does Jorja like?

Everything. As she said in a Yahoo! Chat “Soul, rock n roll and jazz are probably my favorites.”

What kind of TV does Jorja watch?

She watched the first season of Survivor, and she also is a fan of Lost.

Does she play music?

While Jorja is disparaging about her musical talents, she sings and plays the guitar. CSI co-star Gary Dourdan says she plays well. You can hear her sing in the CSI episode Too Tough To Die and also in the movie Food for the Heart. Jorja also wrote and performed a song for the short movie, Traveling Companions, as well as some songs written with the CSI cast and crew. She has performed her music at the several wrap parties for CSI, including after season Four and Season Five. At various times she has had songs that she has written and played on her personal web site.

In 2005 she reportedly acquired a drum set and was learning to play, and according to an L.A. Times article, she often takes part in a ‘drum circle’ at Malibu Beach.

Does Jorja play sports?

Yes. Jorja and fellow CSI cast member Eric Szmanda were members of the “Royal Blue Balls”, which is a team in the Adult Kickball League. To stay in shape she jogs, and for personal enjoyment she plays tennis, surfs, swims, hikes, kayaks and goes camping.

Does Jorja really surf?

Jorja has been surfing since she was little and was a self-professed ‘surfer girl’ in high school. She’s surfed in Florida and California, and during the Christmas break in 2006 she went surfing in Puerto Rico. After leaving CSI, Jorja mentioned wanting to surf in South America.

Once CSI ended, she started surfing more often.

What kind of car does Jorja drive?

A Toyota Hybrid. She also has a bicycle and multiple surfboards.