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First Look at the Best New Fall Shows
June 17, 2021


CSI: Vegas (CBS)

For a decade, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-15) was one of the most watched dramas in the world. The grisly, neon-tinged exploits of a Sin City forensic team captivated viewers with its cutting-edge science, cinematic production values (Quintin Tarantino directed!) and winning ensemble cast led by William Petersen as “The Bug Man” Gil Grissom. After spawning three spinoffs (Miami, NY and Cyber), the franchise returns to where it all began for this sequel, which finds the Vegas Crime Lab’s new head (Paula Newsome) calling in reinforcements in a crisis.

WHY WE’RE EXCITED That cavalry includes Petersen, as well as fellow original series costars Wallace Langham, Paul Guilfoyle and Jorja Fox. That means we’ll learn the status of Gil and Sara Sidle’s relationship along with just how much the high-tech world of criminal forensics has changed in six years. By mixing old blood with the new (including Matt Lauria, Mel Rodrigues and Mandeep Dhillon), CBS should hit the jackpot. -Damian Holbrook



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