Dear Bernard

Dear Bernard is a musical by Honeypot Productions.


New York City - 1973. The city is awash in excess, playing host to the hottest parties and people of the moment. “Dear Bernard” tells the timeless tale of a small town English girl seeking fame and glamour in in America - with a twist.

Chelsea Mills - our exuberant English import - arrives in New York and is quickly discovered by the Liberace of fashion photographers, who propels her to the top of the “body part model” biz. Her legs light up the hosiery billboards in Times Square and her sparkling teeth adorn the bus stops across Queens and Brooklyn, hawking the latest toothpaste flavor. Caught up in the swirl of glamour and money, fragmented in both her personal and professional life, Chelsea strives for success at any price.

Real “success” seems just beyond Chelsea’s reach. But how do you know when you’re there? Who congratulates you upon your arrival? And if the people congratulating you are strangers - have you succeeded?

These answers, high kicks, sexy body part models and great songs can be found in the new musical “Dear Bernard,” written by Heather Reid of The Murmurs and Gush.


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