In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I

The West Wing
In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I
Season Two, Episode One
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Oct 04, 2000
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Part One: An assassination attempt yields casualties; a military crisis looms in Iraq.

While the staff awaits news regarding the injuries to Jed and Josh, they recall how Josh, Sam, and Toby became involved in the campaign three years earlier; Leo, Toby, and C.J. deal with inquiries on Secret Service protection policies, as well as the absence of executive authority while Jed was in surgery.


Gina White male, twenty twenty-five, maybe five-ten.
Agent What else?
Gina He was wearing a baseball cap.
Agent What kind of cap?
Gina [pause] Maybe it got knocked off in the crowd.
Agent What kind of cap?
Gina [longer pause] I don’t know.

Leo You alright? Gina [pause] Yeah.
Leo Was there someone on the ground?
Gina There was a signal, I couldn’t give a description.
Leo Did they close the airports?
Gina [nodding] And Union Station. We’ve got troopers on the bridges and 300 field agents working Rossland but … I can’t tell them what they’re looking for.
Leo [comforting] You got the girl in the car, Gina.
Gina It’s right in front of my face.