Six Meetings before Lunch

The West Wing
Six Meetings Before Lunch
Season One, Episode Eighteen
Station (US): NBC
Air Date (US): Apr 05, 2000
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Mendoza is confirmed by the Senate; Mandy needs Toby’s help to replace a dead panda bear; Sam angers Mallory when she reads a position paper that he wrote supporting school vouchers; Josh meets with Jeff Breckenridge, who is irritating certain Congressmen with his stance on slavery reparations. Police make arrests at a fraternity party attended by the president’s daughter; Sam and Mallory clash over the issue of private-school vouchers.

Character Review

Gina takes the protection of privacy and safety of Zoey as the most important thing in her life.

Character Notes

  • Gina won’t betray Zoey’s confidence.


Gina Don’t ever do that again.
Drumm I have to say, if this is how the Secret Service behaves in the Bartlet Administration, it’s a sad state of affairs.
Gina We’re all gonna have to learn to live with your disappointment.

C.J. Could you describe what, if any, contact Zoey might have had with David Arbor last night?
Gina No. I’m sorry.
C.J. I don’t understand. […] Gina, I’m the press secretary. There’s a story that Zoey’s involved with, and I need you to tell me what you know about last night.
Gina I’m sorry, C.J. I can’t protect her if she feels she has to do things behind my back. I’m not permitted to discuss the behavior of the protectee.
C.J. Okay, thanks. (starts to leave.) […]
Gina (sits at her desk) Are you sure you don’t want to stay and have some coffee? I’m going to stay and look through an FBI photo album of teenage Nazis.
C.J. Why?
Gina I’m on a break.
C.J. See you later.