Memento Premiere

Memento Premiere — January 01, 2001

Jorja Fox was interviewed at the premiere of “Memento”

Interviewer: I saw the movie and it was fabulous-

Jorja Fox: Thank you.

Interviewer: -um, and it looked real scary to lay in that bag.

Jorja Fox: It was really scary, actually, “(laughs)” and, and the tile was very very cold, and there was water being spritzed on me occasionally, so I had a very… I think I uh, I think I dozed off for a little while.

Interviewer: What was it like working with Chris Nolan [director of “Memento”]?

Jorja Fox: Amazing. He’s very generous, really intelligent, whip smart… I read the script like three times and I still didn’t know what the movie was about, and he very simply sat down and sort of explained to me, and it did “change”, there were several incarnations of what the movie might be, and that’s one of the most exciting things I think about working with him, because it’s like a ‘lightning mind’ syndrome, and um, yet very communcative at the same time. So it’s kinda rare in a movie.

Interviewer: What was it like working with Guy Pearce?

Jorja Fox: “(smiling)” I “love” Guy Pearce, yeah. Um… he’s… incredibly handsome, an incredible actor, so very kind and sweet, and uh, grounded, he has a very grounded presence. Because so much of the movie is so dark, and yet here he had this sort of light, ethereal energy that he brought with him to the whole cast. Cause you can start to get a little, you know, after a long day you can start to drag down and you’re like ‘why am I depressed?’, you know, and he brought that energy and enthusiasm with him all the time.

Interviewer: What other projects are you working on, what are you working on next?

Jorja Fox: Uh, currently I’m working on a show called “CSI:”, uh, and that’s really, there’s no ‘next’ at the moment, we finish in May and we’ve been working since last July, so next might be a slow trip somewhere, far away, from you know, once we make hiatus, I might just do that.

Interviewer: What’s the show about?

Jorja Fox: Uh, it’s about crime scene investigators, actually, so I feel like I have made a complete circle; I played a victim in this movie and on “CSI:” I’m a forensic scientist and a criminalist who investigates what happened to people like me in “Memento”.

Interviewer: Well thank you so much. We love-

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