The Late Late Show

The Late Late Show — June 25, 2001

The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn is a TV Talk show/variety show, hosted by Craig Kilborn. Jorja Fox was the second guest, and introduced as a “beautiful actress … helming the hit TV series CSI”.

Craig Kilborn: Welcome back, our next guest is a beautiful actress who has helped make CBS series “CSI.” the highest rated new drama on television. Please welcome Jorja Fox. “(cheers and applause)”

Jorja: I’m doing great.

Craig: you look great, I like the bright colors the whole thing.

Jorja: Trying to look alive.

Craig: You did “ER”, “The West Wing”, “CSI” everything you touch turns to gold, right?

Jorja: Ah, well. No.

Craig: Just about.

Jorja: Can I touch you? I had a really, really great couple of years. “(laughter)”

Craig: Tell them where you filmed “C.S.I.”

Jorja: We shoot in the glamorous city of Valencia, California and occasionally we go to Las Vegas.

Craig: You spend a lot of the time in Vegas.

Jorja: Yeah.

Craig: Where do they put you up?

Jorja: We have a choice. We have condos or a couple of hotels.

Craig: What do you choose?

Jorja: The fancy hotels as much as possibly.

Craig: Do you gamble?

Jorja: I might a little bit. The great thing about going to work is you have the excuse you can only do in Vegas because you’re working so I have to go to the slot machine. You get a free drink.

Craig: They bring the drinks around all the time. There free hoping that you’ll gamble all night. You’ll catch that little buzz. I think you can say buzz on TV.

Jorja: Is that why they bring the drinks?

Craig: They don’t have a clock so you don’t know it’s 6:00 a.m.

Jorja: There’s oxygen everywhere.

Craig: There’s oxygen and the whole thing.

Jorja: I didn’t know they brought you free drinks so that they keep you gambling.

Craig: I’m just guessing. Why do you think because you’re a pretty girl they bring you free drinks?

Jorja: I love Vegas.

Craig: Speaking of being a pretty girl, years ago you use to hang out in Italy.

Jorja: Yeah, how did you know about that?

Craig: Because they told me years ago you were the modeling type. You use to model in Italy.

Jorja: I was an imposter model in Italy when I was a teenager. Yes, for a short period of time.

Craig: How did you find Italy? Did you like it?

Jorja: I loved Italy. It’s an amazing, beautiful, incredible, everything is beautiful in it.

Craig: Right, its beautiful. The men are-

Jorja: The dogs are beautiful, yeah the man are pretty beautiful.

Craig: The men are very aggressive but I heard the food is amazing.

Jorja: Yes, Can you tell? I’m just back from Italy actually. I weigh seven pounds heavier than when I left, which is great, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Craig: You’re bulked up. Look at that. whoa! Surprised you fit that skirt there.

Jorja: You have to wear baggy clothes that’s the trick.

Craig: So you went years ago and meet some gentlemen when you were there.

Jorja: “(stammering)” Ah, Ah, Maybe! Yeah, one or two guys, I mean I was there for along time it wasn’t like I was there for a couple of weeks.

Craig: And were they romantic? How were they?

Jorja: Oh yeah, everything’s romance, passion and beauty and-

Craig: What was it? What would they do? What were some of the things?

Jorja: Well, they would take me to a bar.

Craig: Oooh. There, right.

Jorja: We’d have some peanuts and you know it’s great, very high class.

Craig: You went recently. You just got back from a trip.

Jorja: I went vacation this year. I was in Italy for two weeks with two days in Croatia and a day in Greece.

Craig: Did you meet any interesting people? Did you go by yourself?

Jorja: No, I went with my friend Suzanne [Mara]. The two of us went together.

Craig: There you have it, right there, that’s all you need to know.

Jorja: And we meet no one. No I did, I met an old lady on the train. “(laughter)”

Craig: There, there, there, that’s her!

Jorja: There she is and her dog. “(applause)”

Craig: How did that go?

Jorja: We didn’t know what to say because my Italian is fairly limited. Just Caio.

Craig: You do a lot of this then? A lot of Petting? “(hand movements)”

Jorja: Yes, the funny thing is you don’t know the language so you start using your hands all the time for everything which is embarrassing. Talk loud and do things like this thinking people will know what your saying. “(more hand movements)”

Craig: Why would she talk to you then. If you couldn’t talk? Why would she spend so much time with you?

Jorja: We didn’t talk that long actually. I would have talked longer with her but-

Craig: So when you say you meet her, you just took her picture to show people, so that in case you went on a talk show, to prove that you went to Italy.

Jorja: Actually I internetted that. I was home late last night and pulled it off.

Craig: They also tell me, this is interesting. What did you do this weekend? I didn’t get the story, they said just ask her about it.

Jorja: My friend John and I decided to walk the mountaintops from town, from Hollywood, all the way to the ocean. We heard it could be done.

Craig: This is from the mountaintops up in the Hollywood hills?

Jorja: Yes, So if you’re from Los Angeles you would start at the top of Runyun and then go to the Tree People, there’s sort of all these trails that connect but they don’t really connect all the way. So that’s Hitch #1.

Craig: How do you get across the 405?

Jorja: “(laughing)” That was Hitch #2. Then we thought we’ll just walk Mulholland, we could do that, then we decided not to do that because we’re gonna do this big hike and it would be a way, basically we were going to do a 13 mile hike on Friday and we did 7 miles “(looks embarrassed)”. It was 97 degrees on Friday.

Craig: It was very hot. How many hours was it then?

Jorja: Uh. 4 hours.

Craig: 4 hours of walking.

Jorja: So the 13 miles, we could have done in 8 hours but the Gatorade ran out, the water ran out.

Craig: But it was an adventure and you went for it and it was a waste of time.

Jorja: Well yeah, I’m into wildlife. I like to see wildlife which is one of the reason I’m here tonight. “(laughter, cheering, applause)”

Craig: Finally, finally at the end she got me. I was waiting for that.

Jorja: And I’m bad at it too.

Craig: Yeah, I know. Did I give you that line?

Jorja: No, no, backstage they gave it to me, they gave me this card.

Craig: Ok, we’re out of time surprisingly. Good luck with C.S.I. It’s a huge, huge show.

Jorja: Thank you. We had a good year, a really good year and we will be back. More dead people.

Craig: Lets hear it for Jorja Fox!




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