The Test

“The Test” was a TV Talk show/game show on which four celebrities are brought on to answer ten questions about a given topic, and are ‘scored’ based on their answers. On April 24th, 2001, Jorja Fox was a panelist and the test was The Friendship Test.

The Topic

The Friendship Test

The Questions

  1. A friend needs your sperm/egg. Do you donate?

Yes, however Jorja feels she would be more willing (and it would be easier) if she was able to donate her sperm instead of her egg. She does not, however, wish to have all the equipment that goes along with the sperm.

  1. A friend has a crisis. Would you skip a concert to help?

Jorja would dump her date and take the friend to the concert.

  1. A deadbeat friend needs money. Do you lend it again?

“Resentfully, yes.”

  1. Would you attend a friend’s distant wedding? (multiple choice)

A) Put it on her credit card.

  1. Would you sit a friend’s pet or go to Las Vegas? (multiple choice)

B) Take care of the pet. (but she’d rather go to Las Vegas and bring the pet).

  1. Would you donate a kidney to a friend?

“Of course, yes.”

  1. Do you remember your best friend’s birthday?

Yes (it’s also her own birthday).

  1. Would you lend your friend your favorite outfit?

Yes, but she doubts her friends would wear them.

  1. Would you date someone to help a friend date someone they liked?

No. “I’ve gotta draw the line.”

  1. Would you pee on a friend if they’d been stung by a jellyfish?

“If it was on a really, really, really deserted beach, yes.”

Jorja turned out to be the best friend of her lot. ‘Comraderie is [your] specialty. When a friend is in need, [you are] there.’




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