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Yahoo Chat — April 24, 2001

This chat log was cut short by technical difficulties (dialup connection crashed). Despite promises to provide the full log, Yahoo! never did.

“CSI” star Jorja Fox

It’s got to be a fabulous Spring for actress Jorja Fox. She’s in the coolest TV show of the season — CSI: Crime Scene Investigation — and one of the most talked about movies of the year — Memento. But you know, the last few years couldn’t have sucked… In the 99-00 season, she portrayed Secret Service Special Agent Gina Toscano on The West Wing, protecting President Bartlet’s youngest daughter. She also spent a few seasons in the late 90s as Dr. Maggie Doyle on ER. Don’t miss this chance to chat with Jorja on Tuesday, April 24 at 6pET/3pPT!


y_chat_diva: Hello! Thanks for joining our chat today with Jorja Fox. Prior to her casting on CSI, Jorja had a recurring role of Secret Service Agent Gina Toscano on The West Wing and prior to that she was Dr. Maggie Doyle on ER. She’s also got a role in the cool new flick “Memento.”

y_chat_diva: Hello everyone, thanks for joining us. Jorja Fox is our guest. She is here and we’re almost ready to start, remember, she can only get the questions you type in the “ask a question” box. So be sure you use that box to talk to Jorja.

y_chat_diva: Okay, let’s go. Please welcome Jorja Fox to Yahoo! Chat. Hello and welcome.

jorja_fox_chat: Thanks for hanging out! And I’m excited to talk to everybody…

SEZARIN: tell me how did you started in this business

jorja_fox_chat: Oh boy! I knew when I was like five that I wanted to be an actress, and I was one of those kids that would put on shows for anyone in the neighborhood or my family that would watch them! I grew up in a really small town and when I was 16 I moved to New YOrk City. I took classes in New York, and I was really lucky because the first agency I went to had a sign on the door that said ‘Do Not Enter, Just Leave Your Package,’ and I pretended that I didn’t see it, and I walked in and they let me in. I was 20 when that happened, and I had been there for about four years distracted…. And they sent me out on auditions. The first movie I got was called The Kill-Off, and then I didn’t work again for about a year after that. And that’s how I got started I guess…

ipstenu: You said that you wish you were a vegan (in the Venice Magazine article from April 2001), why?

jorja_fox_chat: LOL! I think ultimately because it’s an even better way to practice pacifism, but it’s really hard on sets to be a strict vegan. So even though I don’t eat a lot of dairy, I’ll eat things that have dairy products in them like bread, cake, pasta, stuff like that.

dogcat_8: Hello Jorja! I love the show and I was wondering…Have you taken an interest in the work of a CSI being exposed to all the technical terms and tools that go with the job?

jorja_fox_chat: Yes. I’ve always been interested in real crime, and the psychology of criminal behavior, and sci fi. And the horror genre. So it’s something that I’ve continued to be interested in, I read all the time stuff that applies to that and also watch stuff on TV that everybody watches, like The New Detectives… It’s actually really good.

scottyameron4life: are there going to be more seasons of csi

jorja_fox_chat: Not officially. But we’ve done a couple of publicity things that people don’t usually get to do unless they’ve been renewed. I think it’s fairly safe to say that we’ll be on next year.





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