Channel 5 UK

Channel 5 UK — April 19, 2002

The character Sara is ten gazillion times more courageous than I am. You know, we do things sometimes and me, Jorja, in between takes is like ‘I’m not doing this, I can’t do this. Let’s make sure, we need to be careful, where’s the medic?" And then the camera’s start rolling and Sara Sidle kinda just goes in and does it. We did a helicopter scene. This year George Eads and I had a scene where we were rappelling out of a helicopter.

The intent is not to be gratuitous. At the same time, because the show is so visual and we can go places with that, there’s moments where we can show this pulsing heart, we have the technology! So you want to have that opportunity if you can. Yeah, it shows up very heavily in the scripts. Sometimes the scripts are- I can’t read the scripts late at night. I have to read them earlier in the day or I don’t sleep very well.

I have so much respect and admiration for the folks who do this. You can show up every day and try and figure out what has happened. There’s sort of that quote we have on the show, that we meet people on the worst day of their lives, and take things from there and try to provide, at the very least, some closure.

Sara Sidle is not squeamish. She’s very cerebral, and she lives for what she does. And I think she can become emotional affected by what she’s experiencing, but it doesn’t get in the way of her ability to be there, to be present.




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