Golden Globes Red Carpet

Golden Globes Red Carpet — January 20, 2002

Melissa Rivers Thank you. I am here with the cast of CSI. Your show has taken off, like, y’know. A train, just steaming right out of the station.

Jorja Fox We’re dazed. We’re dazed and confused and so happy and yeah! It’s great.

Melissa Rivers I see Marg has gotten a lot of attention for the show for the last, what? For last season.

Jorja Fox Yeah.

Melissa Rivers But now the whole show is being acknowledged tonight.

Robert David Hall It’s the great chemistry. It’s a lot of fun to go to work.

Melissa Rivers Now did anyone, did any of you get offers, or did everyone have to sort of go through the whole process?

Jorja Fox They actually made us all audition, I think. Anyone-

Mrs. Hall Except for Billy Petersen.

“(everyone laughs)”

Melissa Rivers How many times- How many times did you have to come back?

Paul Guilfoyle Twice.

Jorja Fox Two times, yeah.

Eric Szmanda Two.

Gary Dourdan Oh they already hired me like months before, yeah.

Melissa Rivers Now, and you shoot on location in Vegas.

Jorja Fox Yes.

Melissa Rivers How much fun is Vegas?

Jorja Fox It’s hard to concentrate sometimes.

Gary Dourdan Vegas is it’s own character, you know. Vegas, Vegas- We don’t have to do anything, it does itself, so…

Melissa Rivers Do you still, like, walk to the casinos and go ‘Oh, I’m gonna go out tonight,’ or is it more is it just like ’eh it’s Vegas’? Cause I spent a lot of time there, growing up, when my mom was working there, and you kind of get numb to the whole thing.

Jorja Fox There are certain ones of us here who have to have their money held for them.

Melissa Rivers Ahhh.

Jorja Fox I won’t mention any names “(points to Gary, George and herself)” but they’re here.

Melissa Rivers We’ll save that for the ending interview, how about that? Cause I have a feeling you guys are all going to be nominated for that. Thank you so much for stopping and best of luck tonight.




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