Ri:se — May 29, 2002

Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle), Paul Guilfoyle (Jim Brass) and Robert David Hall (Dr. Al ‘David’ Robbins) were on Ri:se, Channel 4(UK) to promote the season 1 DVD. There was a clip of Season 1 stuff with a voice over and lots of Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown) clips. Then they showed an interview of Jorja in one hotel room Paul and Robert in another, interspersed with clips form various episodes. There was mention of CSI’s ratings success in the US and also for the UK’s Channel 5, and a way too enthusiastic commentary from the presenters about the TMI cam for a breakfast show. Also blah blah Jorja Fox is aptly named, she was Maggie Doyle form ER.

Following is a vague transcript of what they said, seeing as viewers only got the answers not the questions.


Jorja: I think everyone can sympathise with the show. There’s something slightly off about it.

Paul: Science can’t be sexy.

Jorja: If people say the show is sexy that’s a compliment. As there is no sex in it.

“Robert and Jorja talked about how all the actors they know want to be on the show as bodies.”

“Paul and Jorja talked about the Bill Clinton wants to be on the show rumour. Paul debunked it, saying it was one comment that got out of control.”

“There was this weird tribute montage where they got the actors to pretend that what was in front of them (they were all seated in front of tables) was a crime scene and comment appropriately in character.”

Robert: I would say something profound and multisyllabic.

“He also went on about how he’d slice (a non-existant body) and weigh the organs. Paul only said just don’t touch the evidence.”

“Jorja who was on her own, got really into making up a story about the objects in front of her and how imaginary clues would help her. Apparently some Colgate toothpaste was the key…”

And the CSI Season One special edition DVD will be released in the UK on July the first.




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