The Late Late Show

The Late Late Show — June 26, 2002

“The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn” was a TV Talk show/variety show, hosted by Craig Kilborn.


Jorja Fox Can I, can I just say something?

Craig Kilborn You may say something.

Jorja Fox Something that I’ve always wanted to say, perhaps on national television. Ding dong, you son of a bitch. Ding dong.

Craig Kilborn That was good, right?

Jorja Fox It was great!

Craig Kilborn That’s exciting, seeing Buddy Hackett.

Jorja Fox It was, and I just met him outside.

Craig Kilborn Did he talk your ear off? Did he tell you a dirty joke? What did he do?

Jorja Fox He told me that he’s a police officer. And I got nervous.

Craig Kilborn Oh really. Why would you get nervous? Meeting a cop?

Jorja Fox I don’t know, I just, I don’t meet a lot of police officers on the Craig Kilborn show. I didn’t know if it was a set up, something’s happening.

Craig Kilborn There’s nothing in your dressing room, is there?

Jorja Fox No. No, no.

Craig Kilborn Okay, last time you were on here was one year ago.

Jorja Fox Yes! As a matter of fact.

Craig Kilborn To the day, or something to that effect.

Jorja Fox Yes, it’s maybe quite possible our anniversary.

Craig Kilborn Of you being on the show.

Jorja Fox Yeah.

Craig Kilborn That’s exciting.

Jorja Fox Actually, I brought you a little something.

Craig Kilborn You brought me a gift? You didn’t have to do that.

Jorja Fox It’s an anniversary present. And um, you know the 1-year anniversary I was just told is paper, so I brought you a paper.

Craig Kilborn The L.A. Times.

Jorja Fox Because it’s an L.A. story.

Craig Kilborn This is the second one I got today. This is very nice.

Jorja Fox Do you read that?

Craig Kilborn Yeah, I get it at my door. Um, your name - your name is Jorja Fox. Is in fact -

Jorja Fox My name.

Craig Kilborn No, no, is your nickname though Foxy? Do people call you Foxy? Tell me they don’t.

Jorja Fox No, they don’t really. No, they do. I mean, usually when they do … I mean, it’s a nickname I had when I was a kid and -

Craig Kilborn That’s understandable.

Jorja Fox Because there was the whole thing about the Foxy Girl thing. And they were making t-shirts about Foxy Girl and stickers and bumper stickers and stuff like that.

Craig Kilborn About what Foxy Girl? Just in general?

Jorja Fox Just Foxy Girl as a thing, you know. Like, you know, “Have a good day.” You know, it was just kind of a thing that happened. I don’t know, maybe where I’m from.

Craig Kilborn Where was this?

Jorja Fox A small coastal town in Florida. It was a small town.

Craig Kilborn There was a whole thing about Foxy Girls there?

Jorja Fox Yeah.

Craig Kilborn Okay.

Jorja Fox Does anybody remember that? The Foxy Girl thing with the t-shirts? [Audience cheers, applause] But I wasn’t foxy at all.

Craig Kilborn You were not foxy?

Jorja Fox No I wasn’t. And my mother bought me a t-shirt for every day of the week. Because my last name was Fox and she thought that was really funny. And she would send me out into the world and I would get, you know, attacked and beaten.

Craig Kilborn So, mom’s funny … or not funny.

Jorja Fox Yeah mom’s very funny, she’s very funny. And usually they call me Foxy at work when I bend over in a parking garage, you know, with latex gloves on, looking for blood spatter. Something like that. That’s usually when I get, “Hey, Foxy.”

Craig Kilborn Oh, you mean when you’re taping CSI?

Jorja Fox Yeah, at work.

Craig Kilborn They call you Foxy?

Jorja Fox It’s a teasing thing.

Craig Kilborn What did they say about you in Stuff magazine?

Jorja Fox Oh, that’s not me.

Craig Kilborn Not on the cover.

Jorja Fox No, no, I mean in the magazine.

Craig Kilborn This is, this is … What do you think? Was it hard to say yes to do this or was it fun? Did you wanna do it or?

Jorja Fox You know, I was really surprised and shocked that I was invited to do it, actually. And I was interested in it. I went to work and I said to the guys, I was like, “You know, what do you think about Stuff magazine? Do you think that would be something that would be good to do?” And their lips started to move and they got these really strange looks on their faces and I was like, no, I don’t know if I can really do this. They got too excited about it. I was like, “Oh?”

Craig Kilborn Well, yours are different than the other photos because you are, like, wearing wigs and outfits.

Jorja Fox Yeah. It was, I had an amazing time and for someone like myself, because, like I said, I couldn’t believe I was invited to do it. I was really happy to do it. I don’t think somebody like me would normally get to do it.

Craig Kilborn Oh, what do you mean someone like you? You’re tall and lovely. What are you talking about?

Jorja Fox Well, thank you. I don’t, you know, I just don’t think of myself as like that kind, that girl that gets in magazines for men.

Craig Kilborn Well, that’s even more, the reason that’s appealing. You know, you’re just an innocent girl, and you’re beautiful. Now look at this quote - I wanted to say you’re innocent. If you can read this. Come in tight on this quote. It says something to the effect, “I don’t use handcuffs on the show, but I probably have some in my house.” What is that?

Jorja Fox That was a question, you know, a specific question that was asked.

Craig Kilborn Oh, they always trick and they …

Jorja Fox Yeah, about household items. You know, which I think, you know, if people really went through a list of household items, of things they have in their house, I think most people, if they were being honest, would say that maybe they have a pair of handcuffs.

Craig Kilborn Do you have a pair of handcuffs in your house?

Jorja Fox I probably, quite possibly do.

Craig Kilborn That’s the same answer. I don’t. I do not. And I know I don’t. There’s no probably.

Jorja Fox Well, maybe you just don’t know they’re there. Because …

Craig Kilborn Did you purchase handcuffs in your past?

Jorja Fox Oh, maybe I was detained or maybe it was a birthday present.

Craig Kilborn No wonder you got so scared when Buddy Hackett said he was a cop. That’s the reason right there! You’ve been arrested before.

Jorja Fox It was, you know, for me it was like I was in Boogie Nights. And it was fantastic. It was like the one day of my life you know, and I felt like that. You know, I got into the Hollywood house and it was kind of very 70’s, a beautiful house, and I could hear the music, like the Boogie Nights music and I had a great time.

Craig Kilborn Okay. Wow. I’m gonna move off that just for a second.

Jorja Fox Okay.

Craig Kilborn Actually no, I’m gonna move off it and not come back. [Jorja laughs] You were over in Europe recently, and was this for CSI promotion? I didn’t know CSI was on over there, is it?

Jorja Fox Yeah, it is, actually, which is interesting. It’s playing in a lot of countries. I think, the last I heard we’re playing in 41 countries -

Craig Kilborn That’s amazing.

Jorja Fox — other than United States.

Craig Kilborn How was uh, where’d you go in Europe?

Jorja Fox Oh, we started in New York for the show, and then Gary and Eric and I -

Craig Kilborn Gary Dourdan.

Jorja Fox Gary Dourdan, Eric Szmanda, found ourselves in Paris together and then I went on to the south of France. Just got back.

Craig Kilborn We have pictures of you now, and you slept a lot while you were in Europe?

Jorja Fox You know, Craig, I was very tired.

Craig Kilborn Uh-huh.

Jorja Fox Yeah.

Craig Kilborn So this is you. This is you in London …

Jorja Fox Yeah, that’s London.

Craig Kilborn — sleeping. Beginning of the trip. No handcuffs in sight, thank goodness.

Jorja Fox There were no handcuffs!

Craig Kilborn No handcuffs. And this is you, um, this time you have company in bed. I don’t know if we can …

Jorja Fox Yeah, that’s Paris actually.

Craig Kilborn That’s Paris, and that’s the dog, also called Paris. And then this is you in Paris.

Jorja Fox Yeah, that’s a different hotel in Paris.

Craig Kilborn That’s a man. That’s Gary.

Jorja Fox It is Gary, isn’t it?

Craig Kilborn You don’t even know who that is?

Jorja Fox No, yeah, it’s Gary.

Craig Kilborn And you guys are getting along swimmingly, obviously.

Jorja Fox We haven’t talked. We haven’t talked since Paris.

Craig Kilborn We don’t have much time left but are you still a vegetarian? How’s that going?

Jorja Fox Yeah. Yeah, it’s good.

Craig Kilborn You don’t miss -

Jorja Fox It was interesting in Europe. But it was good.

Craig Kilborn Yeah! How’d you enjoy the food over there?

Jorja Fox I ate a lot of pasta, and pastries, a lot of coffee.

Craig Kilborn Boy, that’s healthy!

Jorja Fox Yeah, it’s a good diet.

Craig Kilborn There ya go. I’m a vegetarian. I’m having pastries and coffee. Alright, well, I think it’s very exciting. CSI, number 1 show. Nice to see you again. That’s it.

Jorja Fox Thanks.

Craig Kilborn Jorja Fox. We’ll be right back.




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