CSI Season 3 DVD extras

CSI Season 3 DVD extras — July 01, 2003

Crash and Burn

Jorja Fox You know, Sara Sidle had a very dark year in season 3; she had a tough one, she really had a tough one. It really started, uh, I would say, in January, about midway through the season. Ah, the first thing that happens is, is, a very good friend of hers betrays her very personally. And the next time we see Sara, her boyfriend, it turns out, has a girlfriend and he also betrays her.


Jorja Fox And I think for her, you know, the type of person that she is and what she does for a living, she’s so sure that she knows the truth about everyone, and to find out that two people she was very very close to were, were lying to her all along is a pretty hard thing for her to digest. You know, just above and beyond the fact that these relationships both go sour but then ‘wow, that somebody, she was fooled, she was tricked’ by people she was close to. Then, ah, we see her again in another episode and the lab blows up and she, she walks away from the explosion, her and Greg Sanders get blown up together, and that was a very hard thing, I think for her, you know, personally, and, and the episode ends with-

Play With Fire

Jorja Fox – a pretty certain refusal from Grissom that anything will ever happen between the two of them, so, that was, that season 3 for Sara was “hard”.


Jorja Fox [Director] Danny [Cannon] is fast, he’s like the lightning bolt director, and everybody loves, you know, just starting out with him they know that they’re gonna get, they’re gonna have a shorter day with him and that things are going to move very quickly and people really like that, you know, it’s, it’s, when you’re on show 12 and you’ve been working for five months the idea of having a short day is really good.




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