Living TV

Living TV — September 21, 2003

Living TV is “Women orientated entertainment” and is available on Sky, Telewest and NTL.

Marc: Looking quite glamorous is Jorja from CSI.

Jorja: Thank you very much.

Marc: Chewing gum on the red carpet.

Jorja: Well it’s better than a cigar right?

Marc: Ok, you heard it here first, this is a fashion statement, gum chewing, as they say. No let’s face it. CSI, the runaway hit, everyone’s talking about it, you guys have gotta be feeling pretty good about yourselves.

Jorja: Thank you, I think we’re, we’re the luckiest people we know, ya know, we’re just riding the tail of a comet right now, very humble, hungry, excited, I mean it, it doesn’t happen to people, this doesn’t happen to people.

Marc: Have you learned anything now that you’re a brainiac in the lab? Have you learned anything about a little forensic pathology and so on?

Jorja: What’s ‘forensic’ mean? laughter

Marc: If ya can’t spell the word, ya can’t be on the show, that’s the rule. Jorja chuckles No, do you ya take any of the information and sit there at cocktail parties and go ‘do you know?’

Jorja: Yeah, but ya know, people get up and leave usually, I don’t know why…

Marc: That’s the story of my career darling, story of my career.

Jorja: Usually I don’t talk much.

Marc: Thank you very much for stopping by, best of luck on the show and the season, and I think she can loosen up a little, that’s my vote.




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