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The Early Show — January 09, 2003

This particular article was about the music of “CSI:”; in the beginning was an interview with series creator Anthony Zuiker, discussing how music is chosen for various segments.

(brief clip of Jorja and Gary Dourdan jamming on the set with the crew, something they do on a regular basis. Jorja plays guitar while Gary plays bass)

Julie Chen: But the music isn’t just fun, it’s theraputic, an escape from the disturbing drama.

:"(brief clip, a montage of scenes from several episodes)"

Gary Dourdan: “(voiceover)” Some of the stories they tell that are based off of real life stories, that’s haunting.

Jorja Fox: If I read the scripts before I go to bed at night, and that’s usually… and that’s usually by the end of the season, like when we get ready to break, it’s all about PG, happy, y’know, entertainment for the summer. It’s good.

(brief clip from “Snuff”)

Julie Chen: Do you ever listen to certain types of music or certain bands to get you into the mood for this dark series?

Jorja Fox: All the time, I think.

Gary Dourdan: Yeah.

Jorja Fox: Especially the two of us, we’re really music oriented.

Gary Dourdan: Yeah, definitely. Sometimes I listen to some really heavy, heavy hip-hop, that gets me into a more aggressive thing.

Jorja Fox: I listen to like mostly sort of a mixture of rock ‘n roll music, but I love everything; I love soul, I love blues, I love Motown. Uh, my character’s from San Francisco, so I cannot deny the whole sort of late 60’s summer of love thing.

:"(another brief clip of Jorja and Gary jamming)"

Julie Chen: “(voiceover)” On this day, Gary let me in on a little known secret - he, and Jorja, sing as well.

Jorja Fox: I’m a horrible singer, I don’t know why-

Gary Dourdan: She’s “great”.

Jorja Fox: -he’s encouraging me to sing, but I love to sing. The problem is that I love it and I do it all the time.

Julie Chen: You guys, you’re the number one drama in the country-

Gary Dourdan: Yeah, that’s enough, right?

Julie Chen: -you should be earning your money “(both Jorja and Gary are laughing)” and singing on The Early Show on CBS. You can’t hold back, just one bar and I’ll shut up.

Jorja Fox: “(to Gary)” Sing “Crazy Love”, “Crazy Love”.

Gary Dourdan: “(sings several lines from Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love”, singing to Jorja with his hand on her arm)”

Julie Chen: The music of “CSI:”, a compilation CD, is in stores now. But if you can’t get enough of Gary Dourdan, you’ll be happy to know that he’s hard at work on his own CD.




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