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The View — February 20, 2003

The New York Times had run a story saying that Jorja would be appearing on the show “The Bachelorette” - she joked about in on “The View”.

Meredith: Welcome to “The View”, live from L.A. “CSI:” star Jorja Fox is our celebrity co-host today. Welcome to you, you look great.

Jorja Fox: Thank you so much. I feel like I’m in New York City right now, being with you guys, which is so nice for me, cause I’m from there-

Joy: Tell them about your name, “Jorja”.

Jorja Fox: My name’s Jorja-

Joy: Tell them how you spell it - J-O-R-J-A.

Meredith: We’re trying to figure out what that spelling is.

Jorja Fox: My mom made it up, actually.

Meredith: She made it up.

Jorja Fox: Yeah. Child of the, you know, late sixties, early seventies, somewhere in there.

Joy: That’s kind of cute.

Meredith: That is very cute.


Meredith Viera: Jorja, what the New York Times thought of it.

Jorja Fox: “(laughter)” Um, I was somewhere in there, I think, behind the heart-soap stuff.

Joy: Did you buy it, did you feel that, you know…

Jorja Fox: I had friends who flew in from New York City yesterday and had a long flight and presented me with the Times, and I heard where I was going to be this morning.

Joy: No, but you go by the storyline, on The Bachelorette.

Jorja Fox: Oh, on The Bachelorette, I’m sorry I was “(points her thumb at the backstage area, lots of laughter)”

Joy: Throw the Times away and think trash.




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