E! - Emmy Red Carpet

E! - Emmy Red Carpet — September 19, 2004

Star Jones: In the mean time my girl is here.

Jorja Fox: Hey. (hug)

Star Jones: Hey Jorja, nice to see you.

Jorja Fox: How are you?

Star Jones: So we are looking at one of the stars of one of the number one shows [[CSI]] …they’re still watchin’ Jorja.

Jorja Fox: Ahh, thank you.

Star Jones: You’ve got to show yourself off here Jorja, because everybody’s looking for you.

Jorja Fox: I’ll try…okay.

Star Jones: Okay, got to tell you, great figure…

Jorja Fox: Thanks.

Star Jones: I’m not going to pick on you and say if you ate a doughnut you’d look pregnant, but what did you eat today girl?

Jorja Fox: (laughs) I had a half of a real Food Daily cheeseburger.

Star Jones: You did!

Jorja Fox: That’s all I had, yeah.

Star Jones: Yeah, but you did have a little cheesburger. A little nourishment.

Jorja Fox: Yeah, vegetarian with the vege bacon and the vege cheese…but it’s a cheeseburger.

Star Jones: But it’s still a cheeseburger.

Jorja Fox: Oh yeah.

Star Jones: You didn’t do that stalk and cellery and lettuce thing?

Jorja Fox: No, no, no, I gave up on all that.

Star Jones: You did?

Jorja Fox: No, I can’t maintain all that. And I had a little bit of vodka and 7Up in the car. But don’t tell anyone, shh.

Star Jones: That’s my girl, so you’re drinking vodka and 7Up in the car, shh, don’t tell anyone… what are you listening to on the radio?

Jorja Fox: Radio didn’t work, my goodness, so we listened to you know, sky, the sky sounds, that kind of thing. Sometimes I bring CDs, but I bring em’, then I forget em’. So I try to leave them at home and I should have today because the radio was broken.

Star Jones: So all over limos in Los Angeles have like a stock of Jorja Fox CDs.

Jorja Fox: (laughs) Yeah.

Star Jones: You won’t have any left. Are you excited about tonight?

Jorja Fox: I am. I love this award show.

Star Jones: It’s a lot of fun.

Jorja Fox: I’m like a little kid. And it’s so nice you know, the movie people and the TV people are together…

Star Jones: Absolutely

Jorja Fox: And it’s kind of a small space… and it feels I know it’s weird to say but kind of family, like there’s a family feel.

Star Jones: You know why? Because it’s actors honouring other actors, and you all are a family.

Jorja Fox: Yes, exactly.

Star Jones: And I just want to tell you…

Jorja Fox: A happy family.

Star Jones: A little dysfunctional, but a family none the less. Well, we wish you the best for CSI this year.

Jorja Fox: Thank you. You are wonderful.

Star Jones: Thank you.

Jorja Fox: I love seeing you here.

Star Jones: Yes, keep watchin’ baby, keep watchin’, we’ll see you next time.




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