Extra TV

Extra TV — November 11, 2004

Interviewer: Let’s use the microphone. Now, what do you think keeps those thirty million people coming back each week?

Jorja Fox: Um. I think it’s just way, way, way too many TV stations, and we’re on number two, so when you turn on the television, it’s fist number that comes up. It’s much simpler than surfing

Interviewer: I think there’s a little bit more to do than that.

Jorja Fox: Uh, I just- we’ve been so blessed, so lucky and I hope we keep doing it for a long time and don’t take any single day for granted.

Interviewer: Are you squemish at all when you’re doing any of these scenes?

Jorja Fox: Mmmhmm. Yeah, continuiously squeamish. Yeah.

Interviewer: Really? Why is that?

Jorja Fox: Well. The show’s kind of violent. It’s kind of dark, and horrible things happen to people and we recreate those scenes for the crime scenes. Then we go to the morgue and then we go to the lab and we chop up pieces of their liver or their heart.

Interviewer: Are you looking at real life sort of … crime scene situations, trying to figure them out? Now that you’ve been doing this for a long time.

Jorja Fox: No. No, not at all.

Interviewer: You just let the- this is just work.

Jorja Fox: No. I watch Disney, I watch like, cartoons for kids. And light-hearted stuff like sitcoms.

Interviewer: Just get yourself far, far away from this stuff.

Jorja Fox: Yeah.

Interviewer: We’re going to test your forensics’ knowledge.

Jorja Fox: Okay.

Interviewer: What’s a luminol?

Jorja Fox: I’ll put on my game face. It’s the purple stuff.

Interviewer: That does what?

Jorja Fox: That will tell if, ah, there’s blood on a- at the crime scene or not.

Interviewer: Right on! Very good!




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