Huckleberry Fund Benefit

Huckleberry Fund Benefit — December 05, 2004

“‘Jorja Fox:”’ Um, the Huckleberry Fund is an amazing organization, they help a lot of teenagers in the Los Angeles area. It’s a very, uh, it’s a group that gets overlooked a lot and obviously a group with a lot of special needs, very specific needs, um, taking care of medical as well as psychological, developmental stuff. Um, I’m lucky enough to have a photograph inside, it’s one of my favorite things to get to do, it’s my second time doing it. And they just give you a camera and they send you out and you can take pictures of whatever you want; mine are not that good, but uh, then you send it back to them and they develop it and uh, I think it’s going to be a night of amazing artwork, uh, not only by the kids, ah, that are represented by the Huckleberry Fund, but professional photographers and, you know, dorks like me that got lucky because we got a camera. “(laughs)”




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