The Ellen Degeneres Show

The Ellen Degeneres Show — May 18, 2004

Ellen DeGeneres Our next guest is a star of the popular forensic drama, CSI. Watch her at work.


Ellen Please welcome, Jorja Fox!


Ellen Hi!

Jorja Fox: Hi! I brought you something.

Ellen Merci.

Jorja Oh, great.

Ellen Merci beaucoup.

Jorja That’s all I know.

Ellen What does that mean, what is this?

Jorja Well I know you’ve been studying a little French on the show, and so I thought these might help; they’re French art deco cosmetic labels. You just put ’em on all the products in your bathroom, –

Ellen Really?

Jorja – and they’re French then.

Ellen Lotion vegetale.

Jorja Yeah. And it’ll help, you know, with the French thing.

Ellen What is ‘vegetale'?

Jorja Umm…

Ellen You don’t know.

Jorja I don’t really speak French, no, but I, uh

Ellen That’s a clever thing, to put stickers on things so you know what it is. I don’t, it’s not, the problem is the accent really. It’s, it’s I –

Jorja Ah.

Ellen – That’s my problem.

Jorja Right.

Ellen It’s not so much that I can’t read –

Jorja Oh, the ‘rrrrrrrrrr.’ Can you do that?

Ellen Yeah.

Jorja ‘Rrrrrrr.’ You know the French thing.

Ellen If I wanted to I could, yeah.

Jorja – where you roll the ‘r’ thing, ya.

Ellen Yeah. I don’t, I don’t think they do that. That, you’re thinking of Charo, I think.

Jorja Is that another language? Alright!

Ellen No one does ‘rrrrrrrr'.

Jorja I’m terrible at languages.

Ellen No, they do a ‘gaaaak'

Jorja I think it’s a ‘rrrrrrrrr'.

Ellen A ‘rrrrrr'?

Jorja ‘Rrrrrrrrr’. Yeah, like –

Ellen Like what word has ‘rrrrrrrr’ in it?

Jorja Farah. Faragh?

Ellen Grrrrraaa

Jorja Yeah. Something like that.

Ellen All right. No that’s not why, that’s probably why I don’t speak it.

Jorja I speak English okay.

Ellen Yeah, I, um –

Jorja That’s about it.

Ellen – I’m barely mastering that.

Jorja “(laughing)”

Ellen But, but good to see you and I haven’t seen you in a long time.

Jorja A long time. Y’know I’ve been wanting to tell you, and I, and I, we’ve crossed paths several times –

Ellen Mmm-hmm.

Jorja – not for a while, and when I first moved to Los Angeles like 8 or 9 years ago - well maybe we won’t get into that exactly how long ago - but one of the first things that I ever did, and I know that you won’t remember this, was I was invited to Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday party. And of course we didn’t know each other and you –

Ellen No. How were you invited?

Jorja Y’know, I knew the uh, y’know, the coat check guy –

Ellen Oh.

Jorja – really well –

Ellen Ah.

Jorja – yeah, at the Chateau Marmonde, from New York.

Ellen Slip him a twenty?

Jorja Yeah, yeah, y’know because I bartended there and –

Ellen Uh-huh.

Jorja – Yeah. No, mutual friends invited and it was like, it was so huge and I was like fresh from New York City, very excited, here I was in Hollywood, and the first place that I, that I was invited to go to was your party and you were actually very nice to me, I mean until that thing happened in the parking lot…

Ellen Uh-huh.

Jorja And uh, and uh, I haven’t been to any of your birthday parties since, but –

Ellen Uh-huh.

Jorja – but it was great, and I remember it, y’know I cherish that.

Ellen Yeah, I uh, that was a great party wasn’t it?

Jorja Yeah, Chateau Marmonde, do you, yeah…

Ellen Yes, oh I remember that party.

Jorja Like swanky soiree.

Ellen Yeah. You have one of these parties that you try to top every year and you just know, it was one of those magical nights that it was so, so cool and people showed up that, I had no idea who a lot of the people were.

Jorja Yeah, yeah.

Ellen People like you.

Jorja Yeah.

Ellen But it was fun.

Jorja Right.

Ellen And what did you bring me? What kind of gift?

Jorja A gift? Um, y’know I um, I do not –

Ellen Perhaps that’s why you –

Jorja – it really wasn’t that kind of party I don’t think.

Ellen No, well they say it’s not kind but you still bring a gift.

Jorja I remember, I distinctly remember, yeah, ‘no gifts’, no gifts.

Ellen Well I –

Jorja In capital letters but I’m making up for it.

Ellen Well when people say that you still have to bring a gift. That’s, that’s why you’ve not been invited back.

Jorja I, I don’t think you’re uh… Right. You didn’t get as much for those as, as you did for the watch, but maybe, y’know –

Ellen And I appreciate this.

Jorja – something will come of that.

Ellen And I’ll look through ’em and maybe say some things later. Um, all right, so uh, so now you’ve been here for how long? Nine years?

Jorja Yeah, I think almost nine years.

Ellen And, and where are you living, what area?

Jorja Ah, y’know I’m living in Hollywood, I just got a new place –

Ellen Mmm-hmm.

Jorja – new house, I’m sleeping on the kitchen, on an air mattress with my dog, and uh –

Ellen That’s not a good house.

Jorja Well, it’s, it’s a big empty house. Y’know it’s funny, I got my dog, I went out –

Ellen But why, why are you in the kitchen though?

Jorja They’ve been doing some work in the other, in the rest of the house, in the bedrooms and stuff.

Ellen On all the rest of the house? The only thing you’re not doing work on is the kitchen?

Jorja Yeah, yeah kind of, yeah. Yeah, and I was on friend’s couches for a couple of weeks, and that was really fun, and everybody was really gracious, and –

Ellen Uh-huh.

Jorja – then I kinda ran out of places to stay so –

Ellen Right.

Jorja – now I’m in the kitchen.

Ellen Okay, so and, and when is the work going to be done?

Jorja I think, y’know they keep saying y’know, ‘any day’ –

Ellen Oh.

Jorja – y’know, ’tomorrow, tomorrow’…

Ellen Oh… whatever they say, don’t believe ’em.

Jorja Yeah.

Ellen That’s uh, that’s, that’s, oh, work is…

Jorja You know of any good hotels, actually? In the L.A. area?

Ellen Sure - Chateau Marmonde.

Jorja “(laughs)”

Ellen That’s a good hotel. All right, so the season finale of “CSI” is uh, on Thursday at nine o’clock on CBS, and everybody in the audience is getting, uh, a copy of the third season on DVD. That’s right. Oh, they’re happy. The big finish is next, don’t go away.




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