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The View — February 19, 2004

“The View” is a daytime television talk show on ABC which was created by Barbara Walters and premiered on August 11, 1997, to showcases women’s points of view on a variety of issues.

Star Jones: Please welcome Jorja Fox and George Eads!

Star: We’re out here in the sunshine… you guys are used to being in Vegas because CSI is shot-

Jorja Fox: Not, not during daylight hours though. laughs, raises her hand to shade her eyes from the sun

Star: Yeah, I know. Death so happens in the nighttime, normally.

George Eads: Yeah.

Star: So, any good gambling stories?

Jorja: turns to George Well…

George: Um, I won $6,000 dollars once on a video poker machine.

Star: You did?

Jorja: I shopped well on that money.

Star: You have to share it.

Jorja: nodding Actually…

George: Well video poker, it’s kind of a slower game, and I was playing with my dad, and we were really just catching up and I go gesturing, look of mock surprise, ‘Oh, Dad, I think I won a lot of money’.

Star: Actually you’re wrong, you won 600, didn’t you George.

George: No I won 6,000 and my dad had so much anxiety about gambling, it was every time you put the money in pretending to wipe sweat from his face it’s just ‘Oh’, I thought he was going to like pass out. So I just counted the money.

Star: pushing it I heard somewhere it was just 600 dollars,

George: Well actually it was-

Star: Because 6,000 generates a lot more taxes.

George: Oh I paid all the taxes on it. smirks at the crowd

Star: This is why lawyers can’t “stand” detectives ‘cause they don’t stiff, they don’t get it off. CSI is the number one prime time show in America. applause from the audience and crowd

Star: I’m, I’m still amazed because it’s one of my favorite shows, you know I like all that forensics stuff. Does that, do you find that amazing?

Jorja: Thank you. gesturing I’m instantly blown away, completely blown away. But weekly I mean it’s always a surprise, every week when it happens, it’s always a surprise because you know, you never ever think it’s going to happen again, and then…

Star: Again.

Jorja: Sometimes it happens again.

Star: And again and again and again…

Meredith Viera: You learn a lot of stuff, don’t you.

Jorja: Not much.

Meredith: You don’t learn anything?

Jorja: No, I don’t.

George: Well, I think, I think when, a lot of times it can be a little intimidating so you just, like ‘aminonapathenetrisulphonic acid’. general laughter I woke up in my sleep the night before saying that one. more laughter

George: But if you don’t know what it, uh, what it means you kind of define it, phonetically pronounce it, and uh, there’s a tech there to show you how it’s applied.

Jorja: I just write it on my hand.

Meredith: And then you fake it.

George: And then we fake it real good.

Jorja: I write it on my hand. pushes her cap back a bit, looks down at her hand as if reading something written there

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Well we were here for a week and we’ve had so much fun already I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have this city for your backdrop all the time. There’s got to be some crazy things that happen.

George: Well as an actor if you have to work, uh, we kind of keep tabs on each other. Like making a phone gesture ‘Are you in bed? Get in bed’.

Jorja: It can be a little distracting. I don’t know if that’s been your experience, but you know when you’re working, or if-

Meredith: It’s very distracting. So much fun stuff to do.

Jorja: It’s a lot of fun. We go home very tired.

Elisabeth: And we’re losing all of our money.

Jorja: Yeah. Well I play the nickel slots.

Meredith: Oh really, well so does- laughter, Barbara Walters reaches over, shakes Jorja Fox’ hand

Barbara Walters: …I have it all worked out. You and I play the nickel slots-

Jorja: Yeah.

Walters: I wouldn’t mind having a romance with you, you’re a great kid.

Meredith: Hey!

George Eads - on the opposite side of Jorja from Barbara - gets up slowly and pretends to start to go over to hug Barbara

Meredith: Barbara, Barbara, calm yourself!

George Eads sits back down, starts to crawl into Jorja’s lap while reaching out his hand to Barbara; Jorja pushes him back

Jorja: Fend him off. I’m going to fight him off. George Eads sits back down

Barbara: Remember that your father is benefitting. Is it true that a lot of what you- turns to Meredith I thought that was very nice of you.

Meredith: Yeah, very polite.

Barbara: Is it true that you based a lot of your character on your father who’s a district attorney, in Texas?

George: Yeah, my, I think my dad carried a lot of angst as a D.A. for 28 years. Um, it was almost like Clint Eastwood at work and then he would come home-

Barbara: Was it tough with your father?

George: -and he’s… It really got to him after a while, the, it’s the wake of sorrow that’s left after you lose someone that I think was the hardest thing for him to handle, and, and getting to play a character that can kind of have those emotions and passions for the victims, that kind of can’t speak for themselves any more, and uh, I was just so inspired by his passion for his work, it’s kind of fun to play dad a little bit. Hi, Dad.

Joy Behar: My dad was actually a medical examiner, a family doc, so I can relate to a lot of the scenes, in your show. But there’s a lot of gore - how do you guys handle that?

Jorja: I’m nauseous most of the time.

Joy: You are nauseous?

George: Try not to eat.

Jorja: No, we don’t eat much.

George: Before you go to work.

Jorja: At work.

George: No, it, that, sometimes, when I don’t think it can get any grosser…

Star: And then it does.

George: We had an episode that we just shot last week where um, laughs, someone had been-

Jorja: That’s funny. laughs You’re laughing.

George: I don’t know why it’s funny.

Jorja: It’s funny because-

George: Because it’s make-believe.

Jorja: -it’s so disgusting.

George: -where an inmate tried to escape from prison by attaching themselves to the bottom of a bus, unsuccessfully. chorus of disgust noise

Star: I always hate the ones you do where there’re floaters, where the people come out of the water,

Jorja: Yeah.

Star: You all like the floating scenes.

Meredith: I did that once, where I didn’t have a Metro card.

George: No?

Meredith: gesturing Sometimes you just have to get some place, you know?

Elisabeth: I would, I would just have a tough time, y’know, leaving and going to sleep at night, dealing with the forensic science and all the darkness and gruesome-

Jorja: Nightmares.

Elisabeth: Until, nightmares.

Jorja: If I read the scripts before I go to bed I still get nightmares.

Elisabeth: I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Jorja: Drink a lot of beers.

George: Yeah, there’s some - I don’t really get nightmares that are full on beginning, middle, and end stories that I can remember, but, there are flashes in my mind that wake me up sometimes but…

Barbara: Do you think that’s what one of the reasons the show is so popular is because of the gore? she points at George Are you going to tear- George starts to gesture at Jorja with his thumb, Meredith interrupts

Meredith: Why does everybody keep bringing Al Gore into this? (laughter) Leave him alone, he lost. Leave him alone. The gore, the gore, the gore. (more laughter)

Jorja: He didn’t lose, he-

Barbara: What a nice compliment you just got from your partner, that’s very sweet.

Jorja: Yes, thank you. Very kind.

Star: Well I still say-

Jorja: He’s my man.

Star: -you play one of the best casts on television, I love watching you all, I have since the beginning and we big fans of the show, so-

Jorja: Thank you so much.

Star: Thank you very much, thank you for bringing us to Vegas also. Every single week. I thank you Jorja Fox and to George Eads, CSI airs Thursday night, and we’ll be right back.




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