CSI Season 5 DVD extras

CSI Season 5 DVD extras — July 01, 2005

Jorja Fox All bets are off, and on at the same time. Anything can happen to anybody, there’s lines that have been drawn, and uh, it does make it really fascinating.


Jorja Fox It, we’re split almost down the middle, 50 percent of the people who watch “CSI:” want more character stuff, and 50 percent of the people who watch the show don’t want that much of it, they really like the stories and the science. So the writers are sort of always letting down somebody, and I think that they’ve done a really good job of, of just deciding to follow their hearts.


Jorja Fox I knew probably by season 3 that the writers thought there might be something personal in Sara’s past that, uh, really prompted her to go into this line of work, but, uh, had no idea what that might be.


Jorja Fox I was hoping, ‘wow, I was hoping we can pull this off in a way that it’s good’ and it’s dark and it’s funny but you also don’t end up making somebody, you know, sort of seem like the exhibit at the zoo or something like that, and I think Richard Lewis {director} pulled that off brilliantly.




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