Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart — October 10, 2005

It’s kind of a funny thing about our show, ‘cause I say that the audience is almost split down the middle, where about 50% of the audience really just wants to, they want the stories. They don’t wanna get into the characters personal lives all that much. And then the whole other 50% of the audience wants always to know more about the characters. It’s a unique conundrum for the writers, and I think they handle it very gracefully and … they’re always disappointing someone and they’re always making someone happy. So they tend to follow their hearts a lot and just write what they feel, and, ah.

I think this season we’re going to go back, at least in the beginning of the season, to a lot of the early CSIs. Should be very story driven, and ah, which will be fun! Cause it was kind of an emotional year. Character-wise, you know. All the characters, almost everybody on the show went through something deeply personal and sort of painful.

So we’ll wipe that out for a while, and probably do a lot of blowing things up and exciting chase scenes. And then get back again to the heart of the matter.

New direction…

The episode that I did, Committed, with Richard Lewis, was one of the greatest working moments of my life. We had a lot of fun and it was dangerous. It felt kind of intense. And I’m really excited to see, you know, where Sara might go this year. She’s been so heavy for just a long time. There’ve been all these different things sort of working against her, and I have a feeling that the hot air balloon that she’s been looking for is gonna sail this season. And, uh, she’ll lighten up a little bit and maybe we’ll return to some of those story-lines from time to time.

Jorja on SARA…

I think she’s almost, she’s a little social misfit, really. You know, I think her social skills are some of the weakest skills that she has. It’s awesome to play her, cause she’s so smart, she’s so good at her job. But when it comes to matters of the heart, or matters of friends or personally life, she’s completely awkward and uneducated. But sensitive to it. You know, I think she’s an emotional personal, and vulnerable, she’s just never quite comfortable in those areas of her life.

“‘A romance with Grissom?”’

Well I would definitely say “Never say never.” You know, I think the ball is in Grissom’s court at the moment. I think that Sara’s made a decision that she’s gonna move on. She chased him for about two seasons, I think, a year and a half, two seasons. I think there’s definitely a possibility that something might happen between the two of them before it’s all over. But who knows how long it’s going to be before it’s all over? Just keep my fingers crossed that it’ll be a while before it’s over laughter. I don’t know.

Other projects…

I produced this play in Los Angeles last year, and we just found out that it’s gonna go to London in March of 2006. I’m very excited about that. I guess there’ll be a trip abroad in my future.

For the joy of it…

I do play guitar. I don’t think I’ve ever played guitar well. But I’ve played guitar for a long time and I consistently play bad guitar. So I love it, yeah. And that’s something that’s always just been, sort of something to do for myself. I think it’s really nice to have things that you do, which is similar to the theater company that I’m involved with, that it’s really just for the joy of it and the adventure of it. Not really looking for any long term results or anything like that. It’s good for anybody to have that thing going on. So yeah, so I do. We jam, we play.




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