The Early Show

The Early Show — November 17, 2005

Julie Chen: After six seasons and a pair of spin-offs, “CSI:” remains a true original. It’s still a ratings powerhouse too with nearly 30 million viewers tuning in every week. I sat down with some of the show’s stars inside the CSI autopsy room to dissect the secret of their success.


Julie Chen: “(voiceover)” In tonight’s episode, the sexual tension also continues between Sara and Grissom.

Julie Chen: In season six you still kinda have a crush on Grissom, right?

Jorja Fox: Well, I don’t know if I’d throw him out of my bed, “(laughter from Julie)” but I certainly not chasing him any more. I don’t, I think Sara’s done with sort of actively trying to pursue Grissom, but um, I, I think, y’know, I, I still think that the window is open if he came to her in several episodes and said that, you know, he wanted to start something, I think, I think she’d certainly not say no.




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