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The Early Show — November 04, 2005

Julie Chen: If you can’t get enough of TV’s hottest drama, CSI:, then you’re in luck. Every Friday, we’re going to take you behind the scenes to show you how they make it happen. In last night’s episode, called “Secrets and Flies”, star Jorja Fox came face to face with an actor’s big challenge: working with a baby. Or did she?

Jorja Fox: The camera comes in, you find a woman who’s obviously deceased, you don’t know what’s happened, there’s a pool of blood, and the only other sound in the house is of a baby crying. Well, first thing I wanted to say for the record, Moms and Dads, at home, don’t worry, no babies were traumatized in the making of “Secrets and Flies” that aired last night. “(Jorja brushes her hair back, grins)” It’s amazing how we can do these things, we’ll have a baby in a room by his self, and then the baby will leave the room and the actress will come in and do her part of the scene which really was fairly stagnant, as some of you might remember. So yeah, there’s tricks of the trade and so forth when you’re working with a baby. And often the Moms and Dads of those babies become pivotal in helping to, ah, create the mood for the baby that we’re looking for.

Jorja Fox: It was, uh, a really fun scene we did in that show, yes, there was this woman representing this sort of baby bank, and how these babies find their way to mothers, and, ah, what’s sort of, ah, different for me in that respect is I’m, I’m the one who sort of got to keep my calm and watch all this happen while Marg Helgenberger, who of course plays Catherine Willows gets a little hot under the collar. And she does have a temper, we’ve seen that from time to time, but we rarely see her interacting, um, with anybody other than suspects that she’s almost positive are guilty of actually committing a crime.

Jorja Fox: It was fun, it was really great to just sort of back Marg’s character up like that, and try and be the stoic one, you know, and get the information, and remain less emotional, cause that’s not really Sara’s forté.

:Julie Chen: Now next week is “CSI Week” here on The Early Show; every day we’re going to have something special, including visits to the sets of “CSI: Miami”, “CSI: New York” and the original “CSI:”. Plus we’re going to get to hang out with the stars, so stay tuned for that.




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