ET Online

ET Online — April 27, 2006

Go behind the scenes of the “CSI” wedding murder!

Voiceover by Jorja Fox:

We open the story with a beautiful wedding with 200. Beautiful grounds, it’s just a perfect day. The sun is shining. The bride and groom are driving away in their beautiful vintage car. Everything is glorious. And then we find out that the groom’s mother is tied to the back of the convertible. Things go sorta downhill from there.

I get teased a lot, because I’m the squeamish one of the group. And it’s not because there’s a bunch of dead people around, and they’re everywhere; there’s at least two or three per episode. It’s how they die that’s horrible, you know what I mean? Because 95% of the people who turn up as characters on our show have died of violent, horrible deaths.




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