Genesis Awards

Genesis Awards — March 18, 2006

Jorja was interviewed at the 20th anniversary Genesis Awards. This is a partial transcript.

Jorja Fox: Uh, yeah, this is my second time at the Genesis Awards, and I’m really excited to be invited back. They tend to spread the love around, so I think it’s, it’s a little special to be back a second time. Uh, I’m lucky enough tonight I’m going to be presenting a Genesis Award for ‘Dramatic Television Show’ that “CSI” is winning. So I get to present the award to a very good friend of mine who’s, uh, co-executive producer and writer of the episode on “CSI”.

Interviewer: And why do you think they’re winning the award tonight?

Jorja Fox: Um, well I think… you know it’s cool, it’s- it’s sorta like getting recognized, you know what I mean?

Interviewer: Right.

Jorja Fox: It’s a great gift to receive for that show. Uh, it’s an issue that was very close to Josh Berman’s heart, the writer of the episode, and it deals with canned hunting, which is kind of a, a big, sort of widespread thing, particularly in rural America, obviously not so much in the cities. But people who have ranches and farms, um, there’s a lot of money to be made, you can ship in exotic animals and stage a hunt.

Interviewer: Right.

Jorja Fox: And uh, so this is an issue that he took a, he became sort of passionately interested in and he wrote it, and we rarely have shows, you know, in “CSI” where we take strong stands about things. And uh, so it was kinda nice that he did and it’s been recognized like this.

Interviewer: So you credit him for doing that.

Jorja Fox: Yeah it’s cool.

Interviewer: Now why do you think they invited you back again this year?

Jorja Fox: Um, well I’m really excited, you know, I see Gretchen around from time to time at different events and uh, she had mentioned this to me a couple of months ago and when she mentioned it, actually, she said that we were nominated, but, uh, at that time who knew who was gonna win.

Interviewer: Yeah, yeah.

Jorja Fox: So this is her last Genesis Awards that she’s gonna be hosting, it’s the 20th anniversary, she’s retiring, I feel deeply honored to get to be here tonight and share it, a little bit of that with her, you know.

Interviewer: Yeah. And then you’re going to go…

Jorja Fox: Yeah, yeah. So I don’t know why I’m back, but I’m, I’m very glad to be back.

Interviewer: Yeah. Thank you so much for-




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