PETA Vegetarian Thanksgiving

PETA Vegetarian Thanksgiving — November 01, 2006

Jorja Fox One of the most amazing things about today, not only is the food gonna be way better than it ever is at my place “(laughs)”, and, and, and, far more beautifully prepared, uh, I don’t have to cook or do any dishes I don’t think - maybe I do, but nobody’s told me yet so that’d be really fun. “(laughs)”


Jorja Fox What a better way to spend this holiday that we really sorta celebrate peace and in a really peaceful way eating vegetarian.


Jorja Fox “(Jorja is holding a turkey in her lap)”

Off-camera voice That’s nice.

Jorja Fox You wanna hold her?

Off-camera voice I think that you’re it.

Jorja Fox Okay. “(off-camera laughter)”

Off-camera voice When you’re ready.

Jorja Fox Turkey holding duty. Okay. She’s pretty cool.




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