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The Early Show — May 19, 2006

Julie Chen: … were wondering if there was more going on between Grissom and Sara than meets the eye. Well last night we found out, and the answer is definitely yes. Now we have even more questions, and so do the CSI stars. Last night’s episode was almost over when we heard Gil Grissom ruminating about the end of his own life.

William Petersen: And it’s a little scene, but it’s just a coda to the end of the season. And if we do it right, it’ll seem like … Did that just happen?

Chen: I was what we saw next is destined to become a classic CSI moment.

Jorja Fox: You know honestly Sara’s never give up on Grissom. To be perfectly honest with you. And that is the big question. How long has this been going on? And I think we’re all wondering that question. Including the writers at this point.

Chen: For years it has seemed that there was something unspoken in the relationship between Grissom and Sara.

Petersen: We were doing it out in little tiny peices, just between me and Jorja. So it’s a big deal for me and her, just in terms of where we’re at.

Petersen: And the idea is that it’s intimate, it’s not sexual. In any way.

Chen: No it’s not. But-

Petersen: It’s the way we’re gonna do it. It’s intimate. It’s obviously, it’s like a married couple in a bedroom at night talking to each other.

Chen: Very comfortable with each other.

Petersen: And the implication is that, I mean, for Jorja and I, it’s that we’ve had a relationship for many years that no one’s known about. That we, even in our behaviour around ‘here’, nobody would know.

Chen: Grissom might “think” that nobody knows about his relationship with Sara, but fellow super sleuths Catherine and Nick are far from clueless.

Chen: Is she going to judge it? Is she going to look at it and think-

Marg Helgenberger: I don’t think so. No, I don’t think so at all. I think that she’ll be perfectly content just sort of watching it unfold and watching them trying to keep it a secret.

George Eads: He sees the way they look at each other. He … I think understands Sara very well. Doesn’t everyone just love Grissom? I mean there’s just something eccentric and weird and kooky and cool and awesome about Grissom, man.

Fox: One of the greatest gifts in this cliffhanger for Sara, irregardless of what it turns out to be, is there’s this tiniest little ray of sunshine in that scene, that we don’t get to see these characters have that much. They really, they live in the shadows, they live in the dark sides of people lives. And here’s this little bit of oxygen that just kinda got blown into this space where we find Grissom and Sara. So that’s a really interesting thing to maybe have to look forward to next season.

Chen: Now last night’s CSI might have given us one cliffhanger, but it resolved another. Jim Brass was clinging to life after being shot, but the good news is the character will be around for season number seven.




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