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ET Online — October 04, 2007

Jorja Fox: How fun is this, right? And what a tease for me!

Jann Carl: I know!

Fox: Such a tease! They tell – I’m under the understanding that when I’m done today, they’re gonna let me take a little spin around the track.


Carl: You’re back?

Fox: I made it! I made it. I survived. I know.

Carl: And you don’t look any worse off for it.

Fox: Well thank you. No worse for wear.

Carl: You fooled everybody all summer.

Fox: Yeah.

Carl: So When you would see people this summer, what were- What happened?

Fox: My family has asked me questions, and I have to say to them ‘Come on. You know!’ You know? And really, I lied to my own family. ‘I don’t know anything.’

Carl: What’s going to happen with you - with Sara and Grissom. That, okay, it’s out, now it’s out. They didn’t want it to be out.

Fox: I know! You know what? I’m under a car, and he goes and tells everybody that we’re having an affair! I couldn’t believe it! You know, I don’t know. I wish I could tell you.




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