SpinDaily — March 16, 2007

Katherine: Hi, I’m Katherine from SpinDaily.

Jorja Fox: Hi, I’m Jorja Fox from “CSI:”, and the only crime here is that we don’t have bicycles.


Jorja Fox: I am looking for a recreational, kind of weekend bike. I surf, I would love to get a bicycle that I could put a rack on the side, and I could take my bike to the beach.

Katherine: Wait, can you put a surfboard, carry a surfboard on a bike?

Orange20Bikes: Oh yeah, definitely.

Katherine: That’s really cool. Look at the little kitty. “(honks the kitty horn on the bike)” Whoops. “(honks the horn again)”

Jorja Fox: I’m sold already, yeah, definitely. These guys definitely know what they’re talking about.

Katherine: That’s a handsome bike.

Jorja Fox: So attractive.

Katherine: You don’t even have to ride it.

Jorja Fox: No, I know.

Katherine: You can just hang out on Melrose and stand next to it.


Katherine: If I had a bike, I wouldn’t have to worry about two hour parking or parking meters. It would save me hundreds of dollars a year on parking tickets.

Jorja Fox: “(dismounting a bike in the background)” True, it’s true. “(to Orange20 guy)” Do you mind holding this for one second? I’m gonna move my car. “(to camera)” I’m now gonna move my car because I’m not riding a bike.

:"(shot of Jorja and Katherine riding bikes down the street, singing the theme to “Three’s Company”)"

Jorja Fox: So, when you ride this bike you’re generating your own power.

Orange20Bikes: When you ride this bike with the dynamo rubbing on your tire, you are creating the electricity fer, for the lights, so you are generating it yourself.

Jorja Fox: So the lights stay on when you’re riding it, when you brake, do the lights go out?

Orange20Bikes: Well, these, this particular model has batteries in the lights that charge as you ride, so when you come to a standstill it has what they call “stand bike”, so it will stay lit while you’re at a stop light.

Jorja Fox: That is cool.


Katherine: So instead of buying a Prius to save the environment, “(in the background, Jorja stands up from the doorstep where she was sitting)” I can just buy a bike?

Orange20Bikes: Prius, that’s a cop-out.

Jorja Fox: “(laughs)”

Katherine: Prius, that’s a cop-out - I love it.

“(Jorja and Katherine riding down the street on bikes, singing Queen’s “Bicycle Race”, laughing)”

Jorja Fox: “(running her hand along the bike frame)” Could I take my new bicycle and get this kind of a custom paint job put on it? The glitter?

Orange20Bikes: The red and yellow glitter, we call this, uh, “Ronald McDonald Leaving a Strip Club” “(Jorja laughs)” So anyway, it’s, uh, it’s nice, light, and extremely sexy.


Jorja Fox: “(picking up a bike and turning it around)” That is awesome. You should try this Kat, I’ve never ridden anything like that, it’s so cool.

“(clip of Katherine trying to balance a bike, she falls over)”

Katherine: “(showing off her scraped elbow)” Okay.

Orange20Bikes: All right, c’mon, let’s go.

Katherine: I didn’t break anything.

Orange20Bikes: Naw.

Jorja Fox: “(in background)” Road rash.

Orange20Bikes: Got some scratches here.


Katherine: “(both Katherine and Jorja are sitting on bikes)” I feel like I’m a pro biker now. “(both Katherine and Jorja laugh)”

Katherine: So I’m Katherine,

Jorja Fox: And I’m Jorja.

Katherine: And I’m signing out. See you later.




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