The Early Show

The Early Show — May 18, 2007

Jorja Fox: I’m not a big fan of Sara being in, in peril. I think that when you play a character as long as I have, what, it’s going on 36 years? No, 7 years, you become very, very, very, very, very close to that character in ways that, uh, are difficult to describe. So intrinsically as an artist, y’know, my desire is to protect that character and keep that character safe. Why me? No, I don’t want to be the victim of this jerkoff, this, this terrible serial killer. And then the part of me that’s the actor was kinda thrilled that, um, I had something really meaty to do in the last episode of the season.


Jorja Fox: Yeah, like I leave him alone for 5 minutes and he tells everybody that we’re having this fabulous little secret love affair. Assuming that, y’know, Sara makes it out okay, I mean, who knows what’s gonna happen…




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