The Early Show

The Early Show — May 10, 2007

Chen’s ‘CSI’ Investigation

Julie Chen gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the hit crime drama “CSI.” She speaks with actors Marg Helgenberger, William Petersen, Paul Guilfoyle and Jorja Fox.

Julie Chen: This season, CSI has given us everything from Grissom and Sara big romance to the so-called ‘Miniature killer’ who left scale model miniature of crime scenes. Cast members told me those models were as fascinating for them as they were for viewers. […] This season we were also drawn in by the complicated secret romance between Grissom and Sara. Which gets more tangled in tonights episode. Actress Melinda Clark returns tonight as the mysterious Lady Heather. She flirts with danger, almost getting strangled to death playing out a Western town fantasy. She flirts with Grissom, too, as far back as their first meeting, six years ago. […] We got to see the jealous side of Sara.

Jorja Fox: laughter Just for a second, though. Maybe one of my favorite scenes of the whole season is the scene that Marg and I have in the saloon.




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