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The View — November 17, 2007

Jorja Fox: Thank you, so honored to be here with all of you. “(to Whoopi)” And happy birthday to you, a day late.

Joy: You’ve been here a few times…

Jorja Fox: This is my fourth round. Second time in the hot seat “(pats the table)”, and I’m just very excited. And awake.

Whoopi: Yeah. Well awake isn’t always important. Me, halfway. But let me ask you - you, you’re about to make a big change in your life, are you not?

Jorja Fox: Yeah, change has come, a little bit. Ah, there’s a show on tomorrow night, “CSI:” “(clips playing in the background from “[[Goodbye and Good Luck]]”)”, it’s a very very very big show for my character, Sara Sidle, and um, it’s one of those things, you know, everybody has times in their lives, and I’m speaking about the character right now, where you wake up in the morning, and you think your day’s going to be like any other, and by the time the sun has set your life has been changed forever. So, that’s all I’ll say about it.

Sherri: Excellent.

Joy: Things change “(snapping her fingers)” just like that.

Jorja Fox: Life… does that to people.

Whoopi: And, how about you, Jorja, you looking for other things also to occupy time or you going to take a break?

Jorja Fox: I’ve been “so” fortunate, I’ve been eleven and a half years consistently on primetime TV, I was pretty young when I started, and, um, I’m just sort of at a place in my life where I want to breathe for a second, take a look around, uh, there’s a lot of thing I’d “love” to do, like-

Joy: Like what?

Jorja Fox: Um, well I’d love to take a surfing trip through the southern hemisphere-

Joy: Oh, me too, I’ve been dying to do that.

Jorja Fox: “(laughs)” It’s summer. One of the upsides, I can date the cast now, “finally”, after seven and a half years. I can date the cast.

Joy: Is there anyone in particular you want to date?

Jorja Fox: There’s a couple I might start with, yeah, that are still hanging on to being single, I can think of one or two.

Sherri: Does the audience know that you are, uh, leaving?

Jorja Fox: Um, maybe, maybe yes, maybe no, I mean yes, certainly…

Joy: Oh, you don’t know yet.

Jorja Fox: Well, something’s gonna happen to Sara, what I can say is stay tuned, I believe she’ll be back. But as of tomorrow night-

Whoopi: We don’t know.

Jorja Fox: Yeah, and I can’t say anything really more than that.

Joy: There’s always so secretive on these shows.

Sherri: You’ve gotta do some stuff.

Whoopi: It’s gotta be tough.

Jorja Fox: Yeah, it’s gonna be fun. And interesting. It’s harder, it’s probably the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life because I never got bored, I love it there so much, I love everyone so much. You guys know when you work with a group every day, and you love those people-

Joy: Yeah.

Jorja Fox: And you could do that forever.


Jorja Fox: “(commenting on Whoopi’s outfit to Sherri)”


Jorja Fox: “(laughs when Sherri does her Tina Turner imitation)”


Jorja Fox: “(gets up and models her outfit for the audience - slinky black slacks, scoop neck black top, gray bolero jacket, black high heel sandals)”

Fashion Specialist: And here her jacket is only $29.99…

Jorja Fox: I’ll do a turn. “(turns around for the camera)”

Fashion Specialist: The pants are $59.99, for a total - she’s wearing her own tank top - for a total, a total of $89.98.

Jorja Fox: “(sitting back down; to Sherri)” I wanted to look smart, cause I’m not, but I wanted to look smart.

Sherri: It looks cute.

Jorja Fox: Thanks.


Jorja Fox: “(reading from her notes)” Well the producers said there were three Protestant ministers there, and so maybe next time they do it, it would be great perhaps if there was a wider community, interdenominational, I think people would feel…

Sherri: Well I think that sometimes when you say, when you say I’m praying, or when you talk about God, people get really upset.

Jorja Fox: Sensitive.

Sherri: They get very sensitive about that. And I go, I go what’ve you got to lose

Jorja Fox: “(smiling)” And absolutely invite Native American elders, uh, next time, cause if anyone can successfully bring rain…

Jorja Fox: “(commenting to Sherri)”


Whoopi: We are back. We are back with our special co-host, today, she’s the star of the hit show “CSI:”, Miss Jorja Fox. Welcome back.

Joy: Hey the prompter-

Whoopi: They spelled it that way so I would pronounce it correctly.

Joy: yeah, it’s spelled like the state of Georgia, “(turning to Jorja)” but you spell your name J-o-r-j-a.

Jorja Fox: My mother did that. “(laughing)”

Joy: Wait, it’s not a foreign spelling, it’s just-

Jorja Fox: It’s, uh, it’s-

Joy: -a hippy, dippy spelling maybe?

Jorja Fox: Yeah, “(grimacing, talking out of the side of her mouth)” Yeah, I’m a child of the 70’s, or somethin’ close to there, uh. “(smiling)” It’s Jorja-An, my mom was French, it’s Jorja-An, and she thought ‘J’s would be interesting.

Joy: The J’s are French.

Jorja Fox: No, not necessarily.


Sherri: “(talking about her appearance on “Wheel of Fortune”)” Big check?

Jorja Fox: Did you write her a check? Did you write her a check?


Jorja Fox: You’re so brave. I did “Hollywood Squares” when you were hosting once, and it was also a charity event, it was for women in Afghanistan, and I was the “(sitting up straight for a moment)” “square” square, just praying that nobody would call on me, and I was like “please don’t call on me, please don’t call on me”, like there’s so much pressure, especially when you’re playing for charity, and you…


Jorja Fox: Interestingly enough, I think more, more Republicans will come out to vote against Hillary Clinton than they would Barack Obama or John Edwards.

Joy: Say that again?

Jorja Fox: More Republicans will come out to vote against Hillary Clinton-

Joy: Oh.

Jorja Fox: -than they would against Obama or, or Edwards.

Joy: You think so?

Jorja Fox: That’s a news poll that I read, so, whereas if, if it’s, if it’s Obama or it’s Edwards, they might be less… likely to jump out to the polls and say “we have to vote “against” someone”. Instead of voting, going out to vote for someone you’re going out to vote against someone that you…


Jorja Fox: I’m glad that there’s a bunch of people that I like, you know, I’m sort, for me, I tend towards the left, and it’s nice to see a group of several people that I’m like “oh, wow, who’s it going to be it’s such a hard choice”. I’m thinking in years past-

Joy: Well they could still lose it.

Jorja Fox: Well one of them, right, one, or someone, will represent the Democrats.


Molly Shannon: “(to Jorja)” I love your new house.

Jorja Fox: Thank you.


Jorja Fox: What did it take you, actually, to get into comedy?

Molly Shannon: Oh, who..

Jorja Fox: Yeah, how did, how did you find this life for yourself?


Jorja Fox: “(about Molly Shannon’s new film)” It’s fantastic.

Molly Shannon: Thank you.

Jorja Fox: There’s three different parts and they’re all you. I mean, usually if you’re playing three different parts in the film they’re sort of three different people. And you’re…


Jorja Fox: Well, “All My Children” is here, “Dancing with the Stars” is in L.A., you’ve been traveling back and forth from coast to coast, how, what was that like for you?


Jorja Fox: “(end of episode)” Thank you.




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