VegTV (25 August 2007)

VegTV (25 August 2007) — August 25, 2007

Announcer: VegTV on the road with Marie Oser.

Marie Oser: I’m here with Jorja Fox from “CSI”, a long time vegetarian, vegan. I asked you once what was your epiphany; it was a meatball sub in Brooklyn. And that was great!

Jorja Fox: “*laughing*” I told that story a couple of days ago to a friend! “CSI” ’s out here in force tonight, there’s actually a little posse of us. There’s a couple vegetarians that I work with and a couple of vegans. You know, when we can we’ve done, uh, three stories that I can think of right now that really kind of focus on animal welfare issues.

Marie Oser: We so appreciate everything you do for the animals.

Jorja Fox: Thank you so much! There are so many causes and people always have to follow their passion, you know, and if we’re all doing that just a little bit, then the whole world’s going to be better on every level, you know? For people and animals and the environment.

Marie Oser: What a great role model! I mean she’s been a vegetarian most of her life!

Jorja Fox: If everybody just tried to cut down a little bit on these things, it would make a huge global impact very quickly. You’d be surprised. So, check it out.

Marie Oser: Cool. Check it out!




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