Entertainment Weekly 6th Annual Pre-Emmy Party

Entertainment Weekly 6th Annual Pre-Emmy Party — September 20, 2008

Jorja Fox:* I think it’s my second or my third year at this party. I’m not the biggest party person. Yeah, no it’s super fun, it’s been super fun. I’ve even had a friend come in from out of town and she’s so excited.

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Jorja Fox: I think it’s a convergence of a lot of different people who almost never get to see each other. That’s number one. And because so many people are coming out tomorrow night anywhere, they’re here, they’re getting ready, they’re excited, they’re adrenaline is high. So almost everybody comes out tonight. I can’t believe how dressed up everybody gets. For me, you know, I’m not going to the Emmys tomorrow, CSI’s not nominated. So it’s great for me to get dressed up. If I was going to the Emmys tomorrow, I’d probably be here in flip flops and jeans, just cause it’s a lot! It’s like a fourteen hour day! But people really worked it out, people look great today.

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Jorja Fox: This is the work part! I know that it’s hard to believe it, that this is part of the job. But if you’re lucky. Once you get inside, it’s not too work-y. It’s really kind of social. And especially there are a lot of New Yorkers who are never here, that are here, and a couple Canadians, and the documentary people that are always wherever in Swazziland. It’s cool to get to kind of hang out and celebrate your work. That you’re lucky enough to be here and doing what you love.

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Jorja Fox: Thanks.




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