ADI Press Update

ADI Press Update — May 28, 2010

CSI’s Jorja Fox addresses the press on the morning of the release of four ex-circus lions rescued by ADI from Bolivia

Jorja Fox: Good morning everyone. I just wanted to thank you so very, very, very, very much for all being here today. I’m sure that, as Pat already said, you’re in for something quite extraordinary. Very few people get to see something like this. It’s magical. It’s special. It’s a good day to be a compassionate person. So. Four lions get on a fourteen hour flight from Bolivia to America. And one lion says to the other lion, “Let us pray.” And we did. There has been loads and loads of complications for so easy a task. The weight of this entire mission fell on Jan and Tim. And here they are. I also think — When I think about Memorial Day, for me, I think about bravery, I think about sacrifice, I think about freedom. And this is just a simple, small, thing. But it’s very appropriate that these lions are being released today. In the spirit of the land of the free and the home of the brave, I will allow Pat to introduce to you, Bambek, Daktari, Simba and Camba. Thank you everybody.




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