ADI Rescue Diary

ADI Rescue Diary — May 27, 2010

Although it has been a very, very, very long week, we have received news that the lions are finally on their way. They were boarded very early this morning in Bolivia, onto the back of a truck, where they headed off to the airport. The guys did really well, Camma was a little nervous but she settled down. When they arrived at the airport, the replacement aircraft had not shown up. The first aircraft had a hydraulic failure, and so everyone got very nervous for a time, as to wether they were going to take off. The aircraft indeed did arrive, and I’ve just received news from Jan that thy stopped in Panama to refuel, and she sent some photos as well. Although she looks very, very exhausted.

The cats are doing great. They got some water and they’re finally sleeping and relaxed. And we want to thank the country of Panama for being willing to let everyone stop over there briefly. And it seems like in a matter of hours, maybe four or five, they’re going to be at San Francisco International. This is the home stretch. And it’s happening. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.




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