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The Insider — October 20, 2010

Watch Now: Trouble on the ‘CSI’ Set

George Eads: For the last couple years I was a big fan of the “Hoarders” documentary program. And so I was telling everybody-

Jorja Fox: I think many of us are. George turned me on to it.

GE: I was telling you the other night!

JF: “I was watching this show the other night and you gotta check it out!” And I went and checked it out, and now it’s on my TiVo. So this is definitely a story George has wanted to tell for a while. It was in the making, it was gonna happen, and now it’s happening. It is really exciting when that … happens.

GE: One of the things that we don’t have to deal with when we go to crime scenes is the odor. So we got lucky when it comes to that, because it’s ‘Movie Trash.’ It’s still pretty disgusting under there.


JF: It’s unbelievable, and you’ve got three and a half straight days in there. So yes, again, thank god it’s a set, but its extremely tight quarters. It’s very intimate. You get the crew in there setting lights, and move through it.

GE: Yeah but we talked about how there’s nobody we’d rather be with if we were stuck in a stinky set in tight quarters. You know?




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