ADI Jorja Fox Addresses Congress

ADI Jorja Fox Addresses Congress — November 02, 2011

I do think that a question that some of you may be asking right now is “Well what about my kids? Can’t my kids have the same chance I did to go to these traveling circuses?” Or maybe these circuses your parents went to. And I thought about this at length, and I think the truth is that our kids look to us for what is right, and our kids look to us for what is fun.

And I think we can do more for our kids if we do the compassionate thing, the respectful thing. These animals do deserve our kindness, and they do deserve our respect. And I think that often our kids understand that better than us most of the time/

If our kids knew how cruel and violent these events were, I think they’d be very disappointed in us, for bringing us to these places.

This bill is the right thing to do, and I urge you to let your congresspeople know that you support it.

Thank you very much.




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