Glittarazi — November 02, 2011

Glittarazi: How does it feel to constantly be named one of PETA’s sexiest vegetarians?

Jorja Fox: It feels amazing and embarrassing at the same time. I’m thrilled that I get on the list, and I don’t even know how that happens. It may have to do with the little bit of green that I slip them to put me on it.

Glittarazi: Oh! Okay! I guess my other question is how would you like to expand or take this cause one step further? What strategies do you have in place? Or what do you have going on right now?

Jorja Fox: You mean me trying to be one of PETA’s sexiest vegetarians?

Glittarazi: No, I think we’ve got that one pretty much well covered. No I think we’re talking about the one that you’re advocating for today.

Jorja Fox: Yes! I’m here in Washington DC today and I get to be a part of this amazing group of people today. We’re launching a bill called TEAPA. It’s the “Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act.” I’m over the moon, I’ve never been to congress before in this fashion. We’re going to meet a lot of representatives this afternoon. The bill’s out … What can people do? People could get sort of involved. The biggest thing right now is to spread the message and spread the word. In order for any bill to have a chance in congress the public has to know about it, and they kind of have to get their congress-people excited about passing it. If what we came here today to talk about is popular and people agree with it, and I really think they do and they will, especially if they take some time to look at the information, then this bill will pass and .. These animals, these large land mammals that so many of us love and adore, I think really deserve better at this point. And I think that if we want to leave a planet for our kids and their kids, a good planet, the survival of these animals is absolutely imperative. We need them. We don’t just — We think that maybe we won’t, but we actually do to survive.

Glittarazi: Absolutely. So if you could star in a PSA with any politician, who would it be?

Jorja Fox: Well! I’m going to just shoot for the stars and the moon because you’re asking me. It would have to be, you know, it would have to be the President, Obama.

Glittarazi: I think you could probably arrange that … slip a few greenbacks. So speaking of the President, seeing that we are in DC, is this your first time in the city?

Jorja Fox: I’ve had the pleasure of being in DC many, many times throughout my life. I’m always excited when I come here. Usually when I come here, it’s for something really amazing, like this bill. I have yet to be to the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Monument. That’s on my list to try and do before I go home, it’s a short trip. I’m going to make it happen.

Glittarazi: Okay. When you come into DC, where are some of the usual places you like to check out?

Jorja Fox: Because it’s usually two to three years between visits for me, there’s very few places I go back to again and again, unlike the Lincoln Monument — Memorial. I think I’ve seen it every single time I’ve been here. I love to walk in the park. But the restaurants … It’s funny because — I’m from New York City originally, and I would say about my own city what I would say, perhaps naively, about DC. And it’s that it seems to never ever change, and yet it’s completely different at the same time. I went to a really great restaurant last night that I’d never heard of and I’d never been to. I try to check out new stuff, I guess, when I come.

Glittarazi: What was that restaurant called? Do you remember?

Jorja Fox: Yeah it’s called The Science Club.

Glittarazi: Science Club? Okay!

Jorja Fox: Yeah, very good wine and beer. Vegan options. Lots of veggie stuff.

Glittarazi: Awesome. Do you have any other upcoming projects that you’d like to tell us about?

Jorja Fox: I’ll be working, fightin’ crimes, I think for the next six or seven months. Also I have a little documentary that I’ve been working with a couple people on for a couple years. It’s about elephants in Thailand. Wild Animals are a passion of me. The story is really about a 14 year-old girl who travels to Thailand, learns about elephants, and brings that knowledge home with her.

Glittarazi: Okay.

Jorja Fox: That’s called “How I Became an Elephant.”

Glittarazi: Awesome.

Jorja Fox: We submitted it to the festivals. So we’re waiting to hear. Wish us luck.

Glittarazi: We’ll look out for that one. As a vegetarian, what are some of your favorite dishes or recipes you recommend?

Jorja Fox: Well. I think that a good cookbook is imperative if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Tal Ronnen has a terrific book out that I love. Baking is especially, I think, key. I think a lot of people think when it comes to cookies and cakes and stuff like that, you have to have eggs and butter all over it. But there are some amazing alternatives right now. Definitely I’d start going on-line. PETA has some great cook books. They almost always have a couple of recipes on their website. Start there and get the book and you’ll have great food.

Glittarazi: Okay, awesome. Well that you so much for taking the time to speak with us today. We hope that your new initiative goes well here.

Jorja Fox: Yes, thank you so much.

Glittarazi: We wish the best of luck.

Jorja Fox: Thank you.

Glittarazi: Thank you.




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